I always struggle with knowing exactly what to put in a "bio" about myself, partly because I'm always afraid of including too much content, but then worry that there's not going to be enough, so I end up writing too much anyways! 


I suppose I should mention that I've known I would be a hairstylist since I was a little girl or, more specifically, after doing my first wedding at 16. I was experimenting with nail art, tweezing my eyebrows, and playing with hair & makeup as early as my mom and dad allowed me to. I was fascinated by the idea that you could make subtle or drastic changes almost instantly, and be a creative beauty engineer at the same time. What I've learned over the years is that not every hairstylist is cut out for weddings, which is why in more recent years there has become two separate industries for salon stylists and wedding stylists, with a small percentage teetering between the two. Being a wedding stylist and/or makeup artist requires a certain caliber of customer service, organization, endurance, and ability to handle stressful timelines & different personalities with grace. I knew after doing my first wedding over 10 years ago that I wanted to be a part of this major life event over and over again. 


It wasn't until a few years ago that I actually began to pursue my career full time. I'll spare the details but since I quit my corporate job and began to officially call myself a "Hair and Makeup Artist", my life has been more fulfilling than ever before. I've realized that my passion isn't limited to hairstyling and makeup, but expands beyond the realm of outer beauty and into the heart and soul of each woman I meet. Every one of us possesses a uniqueness that makes us extremely special and beautiful. I remember wanting braces so badly when I was a teenager so I could fix a tooth that was slightly crooked. My mom always told me that my tooth gave me character. Well, I hated "character!" After having worked on a vast number of faces, hair types, and personalities, I finally began to understand what she meant. 


For the past two years I have had the opportunity to volunteer with The Trade Foundation, and educate women in Cambodia in the art and science of hair dressing. This "bio" was actually written while I was volunteering for the fourth time in Siem Reap. Although each trip has been very different with it's ups and downs (mostly ups!), there is always a common thread that I am reminded of each time by the relationships I am lucky enough to develop with our students and my fellow volunteers. No matter where you come from, or where you're going, deep down we all desire the same things. We all want to be loved and learn how to love. We all want to feel good in our skin and accept our bodies as they are. We all want to know our purpose. I believe that women should be empowering one another in ways that allow each of us to discover our talents and beauty, and then encourage one another put them into action. 


I enjoy reading a good self help book, every novel written by Francine Rivers, listening to the stories of friends, family, and strangers, and then finding ways to relate to them. My background in athletics has given me the ability to understand healthy competition, take constructive criticism, and be driven to achieve longterm and short-term goals. My faith is what sustains me in all moments of life, and without it I would be in a place that I don't care to think about. 


Although all of what you just read may come across as serious, I am also known for being a tad wild, bust out in random song, spit some sarcasm, go line dancing, and come on… I have purple hair...

*insert winky face here*


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