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Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices in 2022

The cost of beauty is ever on the rise as our beauty standards vary from decade to decade. However, it’s pretty safe to say that hairy legs and armpits are rarely considered attractive (except in some cultures). From dyeing your hair, hair removal, and minor to major cosmetic tweaking and surgery, the price can add up. However, more and more manufacturers are now offering at-home options.

One such option is at-home laser hair removal kits. Say goodbye to paying a high price for professional laser hair removal devices and treatments when it can all be done from the comfort of your own home. Some of you may be opposed to laser removal of anything at home, as it may raise serious safety questions.

However, at-home laser hair removal has advanced greatly, and many of the devices that you can purchase online are more than safe. To give you the proper idea of how these devices work, and if these hair removal devices are efficient, we have compiled a list of the top 10 choices.

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1. ARTOLF IPL Hair Remover System Device

ARTOLF IPL Hair Remover System Device


One major benefit of these at-me laser hair removal devices is the much lower price tags. They not only save you time from going to the salon, but they also take less out of your wallet. Hair removal has traditionally been linked with pain (especially if you are waxing), but the hair laser removal device is gentle and effective and virtually painless. It works to deactivate hair follicles at the root, which results in permanent hair removal. It’s also incredibly easy to use; just point the device to your skin and move it slowly around.

+ Virtually painless
+ Permanent hair removal device
+ Deactivates hair follicles
+ Affordable price

Why We Like It – We were sold on the fact that this device goes deep into the root of your hair and tackles the problem from inside out.

2. Philips Lumea Hair Removal Tool

Philips Lumea Hair Removal Tool


This next laser for hair removal is much higher on the price scale but will still save you money in the long run compared to professional hair removal laser services. It utilizes IPL (intense pulsed light) technology and is effective for light skin and dark skin types with blonde, brown, and black hair colors.

The laser hair removers come with different shaped attachments to help you tackle different areas of your body with a 90%+ success rate. There is even a special light filter included for those more sensitive areas. You can even get to bikini areas with a smaller and gentle attachment. It rids you of your hair without any pain.

+ Five direction settings
+ Automatic skin type sensor
+ Comes with a trimmer and different attachments
+ IPL technology

Why We Like It – It seems that this hair removal tool has you covered (or uncovered) in all areas with unique settings and attachments to make sure the hair doesn’t grow back.

3. Feeke IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device

Feeke IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device


IPL technology on these hair removal laser devices utilizes a pulsed light that damages the hair follicles to prevent regrowth. They result in smooth and hairless skin, irrespective of skin tones and hair colors. Lasers can get pretty hot, but this device comes with an internal cooling system that will protect your skin from overheating.

There are eight energy levels to choose from, making it an at-home laser hair removal device with the highest energy levels and efficiency. It’s fast and proves to be useful, with statistics showing 75% hair reduction in the first month. Continuous use could make sure you see results of up to 95%!

+ LCD screen display
+ Eight energy levels
+ High results
+ Inner freezing system to protect skin

Why We Like It – Although this at-home laser hair removal tool isn’t the first one to use IPL technology, it is one with the highest energy output and delivers amazing results.

4. MEBAO Facial & Body Laser Hair Removal

MEBAO Facial & Body Laser Hair Removal


If you just give it a quick glance, you might think this was a deodorant stick. While it may pay a visit to the same body part, this device is a pivotal laser hair removal tool. It is effective and yields permanent results. You can use it anywhere on your body, and the materials used are anti-allergy.

You won’t see any rashes or flare-ups, even if you have sensitive skin. No pain is involved in the process, just easy, simple, and even relaxing hair removal. Hair removal by laser may seem like a scary thing, but this tool has five energy levels and two flash modes to accommodate different skin sensitivities.

+ Painless at-home laser hair removal experience
+ Anti-allergy and suitable for sensitive skin
+ Five energy levels
+ Permanent results

Why We Like It – We love a hair removal device that suppresses hair growth permanently without the pain of standard laser hair removal devices.

5. IMENE Laser Hair Removal

IMENE Laser Hair Removal


IPL (intense pulsed light) technology is the latest and best for these home laser hair removal tools. It digs deep below the skin’s surface and into your hair follicles for optimal results. For hair removal lasers to do their job, it requires you to have a lot of patience, even though it only takes 1-2 months for users to see favorable results. It also has a cooling system in the form of an ice compress plate that keeps your skin surface temperature at the ideal level. This will prevent irritation and relieve redness.

+ Hair removal device with an ice compress plate
+ Uses IPL (intense pulsed light tech)
+ Targets hair follicles
+ 100% safe on skin

Why We Like It – The built-in ice compress plate is crucial to relieving your skin and alleviating any sort of irritation.

6. PretiHom IPL Hair Removal System

PretiHom IPL Hair Removal System


This at-home laser hair removal device can make sure to remove unwanted hairs on men and women – even those with sensitive skin. There are five light settings for you to find one suitable for the specific area you are targeting. These devices offer up to 900,000 flashes, which is higher than the average at-home laser hair removal device. It’s a rechargeable device that supports USB charging without the need to replace batteries. It even has other benefits such as blood flow stimulation, shrinking pores, and skin regeneration and tightening.

+ Offers up to 900,000 flashes
+ Five light settings
+ For men and women
+ Great for sensitive skin

Why We Like It – The device is easy to pack and take with you on-the-go, even when you are traveling. This is due to the size and USB charging capability.

7. ProCIV IPL Laser Hair Removal

ProCIV IPL Laser Hair Removal


IPL technology is clinically proven to be effective, which is no wonder why these at-home laser hair removal devices adopt this innovative method and create smaller hand-held devices. The strong pulse is absorbed by the hair follicles, leading to their downfall (no more hair). Results can be seen anywhere from 1-3 months. The two light settings are enough to target any area you may want to be free of hair. The LCD display will also show all the pulse information while you work.

+ It’s an at-home laser hair removal device that lasts.
+ Quick results
+ Two light settings
+ LCD screen display

Why We Like It – We like how there are specific settings the hair removal laser that targets your face. It will make sure the skin on your face is not irritated.

8. Braun IPL Hair Removal

Braun IPL Hair Removal


Ladies and gentlemen might associate Braun with electronic shavers, so you know their products are trustworthy. It doesn’t matter your hair color; whether it’s dark hair or light hair, this at-home laser hair removal device will work well with all hair colors.

It’s safe, dermatologically tested, and has gained accreditation from the International Skin Health Alliance. The automated sensor will adapt to your skin tone without you having to input the settings. This hair removal laser is suitable to use on any part of the body.

+ Safe and gained accreditation
+ Automated sensor
+ For use on any part of the body
+ Great for any hair color

Why We Like It – We like how this product doesn’t discriminate and is great to use on any skin type and hair color.

9. BoSidin Facial & Body Permanent Hair Removal

BoSidin Facial & Body Permanent Hair Removal


This hair removal laser offers the highest results, with up to 96% of hair reduction after the first three treatments! It provides enough flashes to equate to 20 years of treatment from a professional hair removal laser device. We aren’t that good at math, but even we can tell that that is a huge bargain. It’s safe to use on any area of the body including underarms and the bikini area. The five adjustable light settings will make sure you have the most effective yet gentle treatment.

+ Painless laser hair removal option
+ Best for all skin tones
+ Equals to 20 years of treatment
+ One of the most effective options

Why We Like It – We love how in just three short treatments, most people can see very favorable results. This makes this at-home laser hair removal device one of the most effective!

10. DEESS Hair Removal System

DEESS Hair Removal System


This sleek and compact design offers similar results to a professional hair removal laser device. You will be able to see 90% of hair reduction in a consistent 3-month period of regular use. The laser hair removal device can also come with an acne lamp to target more than one issue at once. The product can last up to three years and comes with a 2-year warranty. You can take care of your skin and deal with unwanted hairs all right from home.

+ A laser hair removal tool with more than one function
+ 2-year warranty
+ 90% hair reduction
+ Similar to professional laser hair removal devices

Why We Like It – We like this device because it’s safe to use on all skin types and has similar results to professional laser hair removal tools.

At-Home Laser Hair Removal Buyer’s Guide

Just the word “laser” may be enough to put anyone off of these devices for fear of accidents. However, they have all been tested and are generally safe to use, even without professional supervision. It is said that most machines don’t work well with dark skin and light hair, but our goal was to find ones that work on light hair as effectively as dark hair. Let’s look at what features to look for to find the best at-home laser hair removal devices.

LCD Display and Ease of Use

Modern laser epilator

The best laser device should have an easy-to-read interface. Those with an LCD display will clearly show all the data during each session. The shape of the device will also hopefully be ergonomic and easy to hold for you to go through long sessions with minimal issues. Most of the devices that we suggested are also lightweight, which also adds to the ease of use. At-home, devices are usually smaller than the professional heavy-duty version and should give you preferable results without complications.

Automatic Sensor Skin Tones Sensor Lock

Unfortunately, it’s said that most laser hair removal tools do not work on darker skin tones. A lot of these devices have a built-in sensor that detects not only your skin tone but also skin condition to decide on the best laser setting to use. If the machine deems it’s safe for you to use, it will unlock, and away we go with the decimation of hair follicles. If the machine determines that it’s unsafe for you, it will remain locked.

Skin Tones

Woman using hair removal device

Before you even click “order,” you need to make sure that the laser device you choose is suitable for your skin tone. There is actually a scale to determine this and your skin type used by dermatologists called the Fitzpatrick Scale. The system measures the amount of melanin that contributes to our individual skin tones.

The scale groups our skin into six types:

  • Type 1: Ivory Skin
  • Type 2: Fair Skin
  • Type 3: Light Skin
  • Type 4: Olive Skin
  • Type 5: Brown to Dark Brown
  • Type 6: Very Dark Brown to Black

It’s important to find one that suits your skin. It pains us to say that if you have type 4-6 skin tones, most of these at-home laser devices will not work for you. You may need to look for a device that has an FDA rating.

Hair Color

Quite the contrary to the type of skin tone your at-home device works best on, it’s most effective against dark hair. So if you have paler skin with darker hair, you’re in luck! That also makes some sense since it’s harder for people to detect light to blonde hair on the body compared to darker hair.

However, there is a scientific reason for the deficiency in these at-home lasers. They detect and catch darker hairs more easily, just as our eyes do. That’s why those with darker colored hair will see amazing results.

IPL Technology

IPL technology is adopted by most of the best at-home laser hair removal tools. It’s a more targeted approach and is actually the reason why some at-home laser tools don’t work well with darker skin-tones and lighter hair.

Cordless and Rechargeable

Modern laser epilator with bath accessories

If you manage to find cordless yet rechargeable devices, they will prove to be the most convenient. They don’t require replacement batteries and can be charged whenever they run out of juice. Just keep the charging cord handy.

Replacement Cartridge or Finite Flashes?

There is no maintenance required if you opt for the ones with finite flashes. The device will gradually run out of sessions one the flashes run out. Devices with finite flashes are equipped with anywhere from 20,000-90,000 flashes.

The ones with replacement cartridges will need more maintenance, with each one providing approximately 1000-5000 flashes. If you do the math, it’s easier on your wallet to go for the ones with a set amount.

Attachments & Versatility

Depending on which part of the body you will use your at-home laser hair removal tool on, the included attachments and general versatility are very important. If you’re just looking at the hair on your legs or under your arms, then almost anything will do. However, if you plan to target more sensitive areas, then you need a device with suitable attachments.

If you’re looking to target the peach fuzz on your face, then only some laser hair removal tools can be used. Read the label and make sure the laser is safe to use in that region.

Level Settings

Some devices have automatic detection settings that take into account your skin type and sensitivity, and this is to make sure you don’t break out or have any irritation. The more level settings your device has, the wider range of areas it can target to guarantee you a painless experience.


Woman using laser epilator for hair removals

The safety of these at-home tools is linked to the level settings and the tone of your skin. To lower the risk of mild injury, the best devices (as we mentioned before) have built-in sensors. Most of the time, if the settings are off, you may just experience some mild irritation, such as redness. However, if the errors made are more serious, you can suffer from conditions that include burns, which may lead to infection.

Ice/Cold Temperature Guard

Since we are on the topic, some devices come with a cold temperature guard to calm your epidermis and reduce redness and inflammation during use.


It’s vital not to use your at-home laser hair remover on inflamed surfaces, or any areas that are injured. It’s also not recommended for use on tattooed areas and moles.


Most of the options we have presented to you are pretty affordable. That is one of the criteria the best devices we choose must have to make it on our list. We did include a pricier option for those that want premium quality. Keep in mind that these small home devices still cost less than a fraction of the price of regular professional treatments.

Remember that the type of device you choose may also affect the price. It ties into all the extra features you want, such as extra attachments, maybe a cooling temperature guard, more power settings, and having extra cartridges or not. Devices that have more features will cost more, but the price needs to be reflected in the capabilities of your best laser remover.


If you are among the lucky ones born with ivory to light skin-tone with brown to black hair, you can easily purchase any of these tools online without having to worry too much. If you have a darker complexion or lighter hair colors, you would, unfortunately, need to put in more research. However, no matter which category you fall under, our checklist for finding the best device doesn’t change. Stick to our tips, and you won’t go wrong with your next purchase.

Did You Know?

There are removers out there that benefit more than just removing hair. You are looking at options that may also tighten your epidermis, helping with regeneration and shrinking pores!

Expert Tip

If you do experience any sensitivities or irritation after a session, aloe vera is a great way to soothe the surface.

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