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10 Best Blush Brushes in 2022

A compliment from your crush is the best way to achieve a natural glow on your cheeks, of course, but if you’re in the market for a more reliable technique, you’ll invest in a cream or powder blush that captures the look independently. And once you’ve selected the perfect hue for your complexion, you’ll need a blush brush that delivers just the right amount in just the right places.

Since there are a ton of blush brushes in various shapes (and made from various materials), it can be a daunting prospect to find the best one. So we’ve streamlined your search by evaluating dozens of brushes for makeup and eliminating all but the best blush brushes. Here’s our top ten!

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1. Real Techniques Blush Brush

Real Techniques Blush Brush


This brush is made with Taklon bristles, a synthetic option fashioned after sable (long considered the gold standard for artist’s brushes). The brush heads are hand-cut to a softly domed shape that’s perfect for applying a gradient of color to achieve a natural look. (We liked the fact that Real Technique labels their brushes, too.)

+Soft, plush cruelty-free bristles
+Extended ferrule helps reduce bristle shedding
+Handle is labeled and color-coded

Why We Like It – The beauty of this brush is in both the design and the materials. It’s a makeup brush best used for a soft, natural color that mimics sunkissed skin; use this one for beautifully blended, seamless contouring.

2. CHARLOTTE TILBURY Powder & Sculpt Brush

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Powder & Sculpt Brush


If you’re serious about sculpting and want to invest in the best blush brush for a contoured look, consider this high-end brush from Charlotte Tilbury. The synthetic bristles are tapered to a fine point by master brushmakers, so you can rely on it to deliver precise results every time. Its made from premium materials, so this is a contour brush that’ll last for years – you may save in the long run here.

+Made with the best materials available
+The perfect shape for shading and highlighting
+Brush head is ultra-smooth

Why We Like It – Attention to detail is apparent throughout the design – this is one of the best makeup brushes we considered because from top to bottom, the makers have gone all-out. If you’re willing to splurge, your face will thank you.

When spending more on a blush brush, it’s important to look after your investment by cleaning the brush often.

3. Wet n Wild Blush Brush

Wet n Wild Blush Brush


A broad, fluffy head and an easy-on-your-wallet price tag put this blush brush on our list. Reviewers saw good results from this rounded brush, whether dusting on setting powder or targeting cheeks for a pop of color. It’s so inexpensive and versatile that you can buy a couple and dedicate them to either use.

+Versatile – can be used as a blush or loose/pressed powder brush
+Inexpensive but holds up to repeated use
+Full head, but the blush brush works well for contouring

Why We Like It – The brush head is just round enough to apply color to the apples of your cheeks, but it also can target for highlighting and contouring. The soft bristles are gentle on your face, a feature that other budget brushes may lack.




This one’s a little different than the other makeup brushes best for applying powder blush – you’ll notice the brush bristles are gathered into a spade shape. This gives you more control to focus on the apples of your cheeks, while still diffusing color for a natural effect. Use one side to apply and the other to blend blush or bronzer for a quick, but professional, result.

+Unique powder brush head shape makes powder blush application simple
+Elongated, tapered handle gives you maximum control
+Vegan, soft synthetic bristles

Why We Like It – To be truly innovative, the best blush brushes need to follow trending techniques, not just utilize up-and-coming bristle and handle designs. The spade shape of this brush works and plays well with what’s in vogue for faces right now.

5. Sigma Beauty Professional F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter

Sigma Beauty Professional F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter


Designed for highlighting and defining your cheekbones, this is a powerful tool to have in your makeup kit. The bristles of the beveled head are firm enough for use with creams but fluffy enough to pick up powder. A must for your contour brush kit, this brush all but eliminates shedding and will quickly give your face soft definition.

+Suitable for cream and powder highlighting
+Offers superior definition with blended edges
+A great choice for those new to highlighting

Why We Like It – Highlighting can be tricky, but it’s a lot easier to achieve natural-looking results with a brush specifically designed for the task. This one does the job beautifully, accentuating cheekbones without harsh striping.



Packed with the softest synthetic bristles, this blush brush manages to be firm but plush – we loved the non-streaky results when it’s used with a cream blush. Apply color to your face directly, or use the brush; either way, you can buff and diffuse quickly and effectively with the broad round head.

+Delivers quick, subtle blending
+Densely packed brush head stands up to cream blushes and contours
+Can be used for natural-looking, all-over color

Why We Like It – A nice option for multi-tasking, we think this Smashbox brush works and plays equally well with cream blushes or contour sticks. Use it to define or for more diffusion – the bristles hold up under pressure.

7. The Fenty Beauty Brush

The Fenty Beauty Brush

There’s a lot to unpack here, which is appropriate because this brush is perfect for travel. It’s designed for use with Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks; just attach it with the magnet, and you’ve got a perfectly portable highlighter kit. We liked the angled brush, which makes precise application easy, and bristles give you optimal control – perfect for high drama events.

+Super convenient for makeup on the go
+Angled brush is best for targeted highlights
+Adaptible bristles for dramatic or subtle application

Why We Like It – Convenient and effective don’t always go hand in hand, so we were taken with this portable brush. The angled bristles target your cheekbones and leave your face with a glow that you can easily take from subtle to spectacular.

8. Revlon Highlighter Brush

Revlon Highlighter Brush


The best makeup brushes will walk the line between pinpointing beauty product application and dispersing it, aiming for subtle diffusion. We liked the cut of this brush head because it’s just tapered enough to deliver a concentrated load of highlighter where you want it – but the edges help blend with minimal effort on your part.

+Made with a synthetic fiber that’s as soft as natural hair
+Coated with an antibacterial formulation
+Tapered brush head makes highlighting fast and simple

Why We Like It – This brush works well for powder or cream, giving your face subtle highlights without sharp edges. It’s just the right size and shape for efficient highlighting and blending, and the antibacterial coating is a practical detail that we appreciated.

9. IT COSMETICS Heavenly Luxe French Boutique Blush Brush

IT COSMETICS Heavenly Luxe French Boutique Blush Brush


One swish and voila – you’ve got artfully blended color with this angled, plush brush. It’s cut to contour your face with minimum effort, and the bristles perform well with creams or powders. This is of the best angled brushes we discovered – we loved the ergonomic handle and the precise design of the head.

+Angled bristles are designed to contour
+Best for powder or cream blush
+Soft synthetic bristles pick up and deposit product smoothly

Why We Like It – Used correctly, an angled brush can make short work of contouring with just a sweep or two on your cheeks, and the ergonomic design of this one makes it easy.

10. Firma 102 Cruelty free Blush Brush

Firma 102 Cruelty free Blush Brush


The dome-shaped head of this blush brush is made with synthetic fibers, but it’s as soft as any natural hair makeup brush out there. Designed to target the apples of your cheeks, the shape, and density of the brush head will lend you a flattering pop of color to your face. We appreciated the cruelty-free guarantee, too.

+Full, fluffy blush brush head is made with synthetic fibers
+Dome shape dusts apples of your cheeks with just the right amount of color
+Comfy birch wood handle

Why We Like It – The beauty of a dome-shaped brush is that it provides both precision and blending power, and this one is a great option – especially since it’s made with plush synthetic fibers.

Blush Brushes Buyer’s Guide

There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re shopping for the best blush brush, but you can narrow the field a little by sorting them by shape. If you’re seeking a pop of color on the apples of your cheeks, look for rounded, spade-shaped, or domed blush brushes; these will best distribute a concentrated load of products from their centers and softly blend with their graduated edges.

Make-up foundation brush beauty products cream blush and contour pots on mixing palette for makeup artist. Top view on white wooden background.

Angled shapes are the best blush brushes for contouring your cheekbones with a single swipe. For precision highlighting, look to brushes that come to a fine point – these are best at bringing out the beauty of your cheekbones. Also, check out customer reviews to find brushes makeup will cling to, but that deposit color easily. The best blush brush will have supple, soft bristles that mimic sable or other natural fibers.

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