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10 Best Eyeshadow Brushes in 2022

Applying eyeshadow is an art in itself. You want the right brush to give you an even dusting with one soft stroke. The wrong brushes can leave a caky and uneven mess that won’t allow you to blend the colors well. Synthetic bristles, a fluffy brush, a pencil brush, or blending brush – there are so many choices that sometimes we just opt to use our fingers instead. At least it’s easier to control the pressure, am I right? But the natural oils and moisture on your fingertips won’t apply the eyeshadow half as well as good brushes for makeup.

Makeup brushes sets, especially from reputable brands, can come with all the best choices; they’ll have one brush for every part of your face. You’ll find a concealer brush, eyeshadow brushes, a blending brush, and a lot of others to help you create the perfect makeup look. But if we had to just focus on eyeshadow brushes, then we have the best makeup brushes list for you.

View The Best Eyeshadow Brushes Below

1. EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set

EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set


When you read the product title with the word “eco,” you know the product is vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. You can feel and look beautiful without harming the environment. They are made from renewable bamboo, and the package comes with two brushes – one for blending and one for shading.

The curve of the brush doesn’t require you to use real techniques. All you need to do is sweep it across your eyelid, and the well-made brush will take care of everything. All materials used to make these products are recycled, from their makeup brushes to beauty blenders.

+ Vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly
+ Two-brush pack
+ Fine bristles
+ Made from recycled material

Why We Like It – You will feel like a makeup artist and eco-activist by using this professional makeup brushes set.

2. Morphe JACLYN HILL The Eye Master Collection Brush Set

Morphe JACLYN HILL The Eye Master Collection Brush Set


Yes, if you keep any tabs on the gossip channels and makeup guru community, you will know the backlash and drama swirling both Morphe and Jaclyn Hill, but it does not affect the quality of their product. It’s called the Eye Master for a reason, as it allows you to master your eye makeup.

You get a shadow brush for eye shadow, and many other makeup brushes to complete any elaborate eye shadow look. The brushes are flat and fluffy to help you achieve the desired smooth effect. They’re the best makeup brushes for any makeup artist, or if you want a premium quality in your life.

+ Good quality brushes
+ Soft bristles
+ Applies eye shadow evenly
+ A full collection of makeup brushes for eyes

Why We Like It – Jaclyn Hill always has a fierce eye look, and now it can be achieved with her very own selection of brushes!

3. Wet N Wild Large Eyeshadow Brush

wet n wild Large Eyeshadow Brush


This all-white brush with a dob of pink seems so sweet and makes an excellent addition to your makeup brush collection. It’s also a cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan product, suitable for makeup artists and beginners alike!

The soft polymax fiber brush simulates real hair consistency to give you thick and fluffy bristles. You can also use this brush for highlighting certain areas if you wish. The handle features an indent for your thumb or forefinger, depending on how you hold it, to take the stress off your wrist, and offer a more secure grip.

+ Soft bristles
+ Ergonomic handle
+ Cruelty-free and gluten-free
+ Vegan

Why We Like It – We love the sweet design and the soft polymax bristles that mimic the consistency of real hair to apply a thick coat of eye shadow in one go.





Are you ready to apply eyeshadow like a pro? The Nyx Pro Blending Brush is made with synthetic bristles that are extremely soft. You can get close to your lash line without irritating your eyes. Nyx is a brand recommended by a lot of beauty YouTubers, and not without good reason.

It not only applies eyeshadow well in one stroke, but it also works to blend colors together, giving you the perfect ombre look without ever having gone to Makeup school! The best makeup brushes should be extremely soft, especially since they’re used on areas as sensitive such as your eyelids. The Nyx Pro Blending Brush is one of the best makeup brushes for this, as it feels like a cloud.

+ Soft bristles
+ Create the perfect blend with no effort
+ The rounded brush can be used close to the lash line
+ Soft against the eye

Why We Like It – The rounded brush reaches in all the hard-to-get areas around your sensitive lash line.

5. Lamora Makeup Eye Brush Set

Lamora Makeup Eye Brush Set


You can see just how thick and fluffy these brushes are just from the pictures alone. The best deals come in the form of many makeup brushes in one set. You get seven brushes with synthetic bristles for all your eyeshadow makeup needs.

They are very well-made (all by hand) and have been rigorously tested to make sure they each play an essential part in your makeup look. The non-porous synthetic brushes are superior to animal hair in performance. Professional makeup artists can use them with professional, real techniques, as well as beginners everywhere.

+ The perfect set of eyeshadow brushes
+ The brushes have been tested extensively for performance
+ Synthetic
+ Superior to animal hair

Why We Like It – These thick and fluffy eye shadow brushes all play an important part in achieving your end look.

6. Real Techniques Eye Shade and Blend Set

Real Techniques Eye Shade and Blend Set


Eyeshadows can come in different consistencies, such as cream, powder, or liquid form. These eyeshadow brushes are designed to apply each of them easily and well. One brush is for application, and one is for blending purposes. These brushes are affordable and of good quality.

Brushes of the best quality are reflected in the effect of your eyeshadow; bright and vivid vs. muted colors can be a clear indicator of how well your eyeshadow brush is made. Real Techniques was created by two makeup artists who know exactly what people want.

+ Made by MUAs, and they know best
+ Great for different eyeshadow consistencies
+ Two-brush set
+ Soft bristles

Why We Like It – When MUAs creates a product, they perfect all the imperfections; they understand what makes a good eyeshadow brush.

7. Sigma Beauty Professional E45 Eye Makeup Brush

Sigma Beauty Professional E45 Eye Makeup Brush


If you have deep set eyes, hooded eyes, or eyes with a very pronounced crease where rounded brushes just don’t quite get the job done, Sigma beauty has come out with the best makeup brushes alternative. Eyeshadow needs to be well blended to adhere to your eyelid for a long-lasting look.

The pointed tapered blending brush can get into those deep creases for even product placement. Synthetic fibers are more ideal than animal hair in terms of performance, and the filaments will not absorb any of the product, so you get a full application.

+ Get all the eyeshadow on your eyelid
+ A pointed and tapered tip
+ Synthetic fibers
+ Advanced filaments

Why We Like It – The pointed brush gets deep into crevices, something those with more defined features can appreciate. Not only that, but you also don’t waste any product with the advanced filaments.

8. Duorime Silky Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Set

Duorime Silky Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Set


Each eyeshadow brush is a different color, making it easy for you to differentiate with one glance. The 10-piece brush set features vegan synthetic brushes with the perfect density to pack your eyeshadow. The thickness and fibers of each brush are made to work with powders, gels, creams, and more.

Get ready to contour, highlight, and blend like crazy with this best eyeshadow brush set. Each makeup brush is made from lightweight sustainable wood that is long-lasting.

+ Synthetic vegan bristles
+ Works with all types of eyeshadows
+ Made from sustainable wood
+ Long-lasting and scratch-resistant

Why We Like It – While Duorime is still a relatively unknown brand, they offer a 100% guarantee in confidence in the quality of their product.

9. UNIMEIX Professional Eye Makeup Brushes

UNIMEIX Professional Eye Makeup Brushes


Take your pick from the 3, 5, or 12 count sets. You might do a double-take at the affordable price, but we promise your eyes do not deceive you! These brushes are super affordable and still of premium quality. Each of the brushes was assembled by hand and packaged individually.

They work with all types of eyeshadows, and the best part is they do not trap the product within the brushes. This means you get the full punch of color with a single dusting. The handmade brushes are synthetic, provide the perfect look, and come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

+ Synthetic fibers
+ Handmade and packaged individually
+ 100% money-back guarantee
+ Do not absorb the product

Why We Like It – Depending on which package you choose, you can have a brush for all purposes without having to assemble a makeup brush set on your own.

10. bareMinerals Double Ended Precision Brush

bareMinerals Double Ended Precision Brush


The soft and plush wide-angle brush gets your entire eyelid in one sweep. This double-ended brush does not shed. The thinner brush does wonders for the darker colors near your lash line. The bristles are soft but a little stiff, which allows you to pack the color.

You can maybe eliminate the use of eyeliner with the slimmer brush. Not only are they both great applicators, but they are also very useful for blending as well. Don’t worry about storage; there is a small plastic sleeve you can fit on the smaller end and stand it upright.

+ Best value, a double-ended brush
+ Soft but stiff bristles
+ Packs on the color
+ Blends colors well

Why We Like It – The double-ended design gives you two-brushes in one, so you don’t need to go digging in your makeup case.

Eyeshadow Brushes Buyer’s Guide

Eyeshadow not only enhances your makeup look but can also help you transition from day to night easily without having to redo your entire face. Oftentimes, they can be the difference between a dramatic look and a no-makeup makeup look. In order to achieve all these results, you need the best and right tools.

The right tools include eyeshadow brushes. If you’re setting out to find a brush that has never had any negative reviews, then you will be searching for quite a while. Everyone has different preferences, but if you follow our guide below, you can find the best brush for you!


Makeup brushes display on a rack

The best makeup brushes are hopefully cruelty-free, eco-friendly, recyclable, vegan, and sustainable for everyone to want to use them. Materials such as these are also safer. There is nothing worse than unwrapping your long-awaited brushes and being met with a powerful and artificial odor. Once that happens, you know you best be throwing that brush out.

A lot of manufacturers use wood that or plastic for the handle that holds either synthetic or natural bristles in place. The material of the handle is important, but what stands out is the quality of the bristles.

Natural or Synthetic?

That being said, we take you to the bristles. You will often read or hear manufacturers tell you their brushes are either synthetic or natural. What is the difference and which is best? Let’s break it down.

Professional makeup artist taking brush at beauty salon

Natural – This is not manmade and can cost more than the alternative. They require more maintenance and can trap the product in between them. These bristles are labeled as “natural” because they are made with animal hair, so for obvious reasons, they are not vegan or cruelty-free. However, they do last longer than their artificial counterparts and provide the best results.

Synthetic – These are manmade from synthetic or nylon materials. Synthetic brushes are great with products with thicker consistencies, and they won’t trap the makeup. However, synthetic brushes are dyed to keep it soft, and those dyes could cause allergies. Synthetic bristles are also cheaper, so they are the best option for those on a budget.

They both have their benefits and drawbacks, so if you aren’t adamant about using vegan products and your skin isn’t overly-sensitive, you can try buying one of each first to see which you like best.

Shape and Purpose

The shape of the brush will determine the best outcome. The size and shape will determine which is the best choice for you as well. Our eyes are shaped differently, and some brushes might work better than others. We’re going to take you through all the brushes, from an eyeshadow brush to a concealer brush, fluffy brush, and pencil brush, ensuring that you’ll know what to look for when you find the best brush for you.

An eyeshadow stamp brush, which has short and stubby bristles with slightly curved shape, is thick and can best pack on the color.

A medium eyeshadow brush is in similar shape to the stamp brush but is of longer length. It’s slightly fanned out, and it’s best for just adding a coat of color to your lids.

The contour brush is like the medium eyeshadow brush but at an angle. Its job is sweep the eyeshadow along your lid to create the best natural look.

The blender brush, which is essential in your eye makeup arsenal, is best used to do exactly what its name suggests – blend your shadow. A professional makeup artist will use this fluffy brush to blend colors to create a beautiful canvas.

The next one is a blending brush with a pointed tip (like the Sigma Beauty one above). This one is also used for blending but can put more focus on your crease.

Eyeshadows palette with make-up bashes set

There are just so many brushes to blend your colors, and we haven’t even finished yet! Next up is the flat blending brush, which has a dome shape. This is used to blend out any harsh spots the other blending brushes can’t handle.

The tiny blending brush, or a cut crease blending brush, is best used to accentuate your crease. If you want to do the old Hollywood look where there seems to be a darker line cutting across your eyelid, this is the brush to use.

Next up is a shorter stamp brush known as the smudgy eye brush. It looks like the stubby stamp brush, but the shorter length allows you to use it closer to your lash line with more control for darker colors, or for using creams along that area.

You can use a pencil brush to apply eyeliner to help achieve that flawless eye look.

The last one we have is the concealer brush. This is not the larger one used on the rest of your face, but the small one that looks like a longer version of the eyeshadow brush. Applying concealer on your eyes or after the fact to fix any errors can be done with this concealer brush.


As you can see from the previous section, having the right brush for the right purpose is very important. This is why we have suggested so many makeup brush sets instead of just a single one. Always make sure your makeup brush is soft to the touch and not rough against your skin. Now that you know the difference between these brushes, you’re on your way to creating your next impressive look.

Did You Know?

If you dampen your brush before using the product, it enhances the pigment for more color!

Expert Tip

White vinegar, warm water, and dish soap make for a good brush cleaning concoction.

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