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Best Hair Color for Green Eyes: What You MUST Consider

Green eyes. There is something special about every eye color, and no set of eyes look exactly the same as another, but green eyes have always been extra special. The rarity of the green eye – generally being considered the least common color – gives it a certain allure.

Those who are lucky enough to be green-eyed have probably heard all about the right colored eye-shadow to use and which lipstick goes with green. Have you ever given your hair color some thought, though? Certain hair colors can really bring out that green color of your eyes and make them look even more stunning than they already are!

What to Consider when Choosing Hair Color for Green Eyes

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It isn’t just the color of your eyes that should determine how you choose to color your hair. There are a few other things too that you might want to take into consideration. Choosing the right hair color can change the way your face looks.

Besides, isn’t it always nice with a little change from time to time? Below are a few tips for what to consider the next time you sit down at your favorite hair salon to have your hair dyed, or the next time you are feeling adventurous enough to try a box dye!

The Shade of Green in Your Eyes

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Not all green eyes are the same or even similar. There are many different shades of green where some eyes will also have other colors mixed in. An easy way to get started is to have a close look at your own eyes. You can use a mirror or try taking a close-up photo with good lighting (outdoors tending to be a good start), as it will allow you to see your own eyes a little differently.

If your eyes have a little bit of blue or gray in them, you will look great with a colder hair tone, as this will bring out the blue. If you have small sports of hazel or brown in your otherwise green eyes, then you will be much better off going with a warmer tone. The answer to what hair color would suit you lies in your eyes.

Skin Tone

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The color of your skin is also a factor to consider when choosing a hair color. The same principle applies here as it does to the tone of the color of your eyes. We all know that there are many different skin tones, but a skin tone is usually warm or cold. If you can figure out if you have a warm or a cold skin tone, the rest becomes easy. Warm skin tones go with warm colors like auburn, golden blond, and bronze, while a colder skin tone could potentially go with ash blonde, strawberry blonde, and a tone that is a little colder.

Gray tones usually aren’t a good idea, and you might want to stay away from black or very dark hair. It’s important to remember here, though, that it varies greatly from person to person. If you’re finding yourself feeling unsure of what color to get, it’s always a good idea to consult a professional stylist.

Personal Clothing Style

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There is one more thing to consider, aside from just eyeshade and skin tone, and it is how you normally tend to dress. If you have a look inside your wardrobe, you are likely to discover that you tend to purchase clothing items a certain color, more often than not. If you prefer warm colors like red, yellow, and orange, warm hair colors will bring out the green in your eyes. But if you are someone who wears more purple, blue, or green, it’s worth trying out a colder tone for your hair.

Keep in Mind

Don’t forget to consider the hair color you already have, as this will affect the outcome of any hair dye. If you have dyed your hair before, then it might be trickier to dye it again compared to virgin hair. Also, dark hair won’t go blonde with a box dye, just like the color on the box might not be the result you end up with. You can seek help from a professional, or if you’re feeling a little adventurous – why not just give it a try? After all, hair grows back, and you can always dye it again if you are unhappy with the outcome.

For anyone lucky enough to be born with beautiful green eyes, there are many great options for what hair color to pick. Hopefully, this article will have taken you a step closer to finding the hair color that is right for you.

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