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Best Hair Dryers of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Hair Dryers help you to dry and style your hair and make them look beautiful and healthy. For many women and men, they are an essential equipment and a part of their daily routine.

Hair dryers can reduce the drying time of your hair by 80%. So, they act as a quick blower for you. Several women use it to style their hair. One can use it to curl or straighten your hair but it won’t as effective as hair straighteners.

No matter what you need it for but the best hair dryer is the one which is lightweight, easy to use, and works efficiently. The hair dryer should always be gentle on your hair. If you don’t get enough time to go to salons or fix your hair, then the dryer is the best thing for you to get a quick makeover.

View The Best Hair Dryers Below

1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer



The reason Dyson is called the best-rated hair dryer is its convention on its head and motor in the handle is completely in balance as per the weight and shape.


A good hair day will define how the whole day will go. And given the super busy lifestyle, most of us are living, taking care of hair every day is impossible. So, here is a solution to all your hair problems. It is the best hair dryer in the market.

The dryer will help in extreme damages of hair so that your hair remains smooth and shiny The best part about the dryer is that it has the feature of fast drying with a high velocity of airflow. It comes with the magnetic attachments of nozzle and a diffuser.


The motor is very powerful and consists of a way to provide inaudible frequency. And it has negative ions which helps in reducing the static in the hair.

+ The dryer doesn’t make noise.
+ It helps in drying the hair fast.
+ The dryer is lightweight.

– The quality is bad.

Why We Like It – The dryer has heat shield technology, so no matter the amount of heat it produces, you won’t feel a thing on the upper surface.

2. Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer



Everyone needs a good hair dryer because 90% of the time, it saves the whole day. So, here is the best hair dryer 2022, an answer to all your hair related queries.

This hair dryer has the best design with a soft-touch body and the non-slip handle has made it a consumer favorite. Operating the dryer is flexible and easy. The dryer is detachable so the cleaning process is also easy.


This hair dryer has a 2200 W DC motor, which makes the airflow very powerful and the drying is ultra-fast. The dryer also has a combined effect of the ceramic and tourmaline which leaves the hair super soft and silky, which is why it is the first choice of hairstylists.


The hair dryer uses turbo to speed the ion transferring ten times faster, which reduces the frizz and removes the static. This dryer has three heat settings along with two speeds.

+ The blow is powerful.
+ The cord doesn’t tangle.
+ It has lightweight.

– The built is cheap,
– One can melt the plastic tip easily.

Why We Like It – The salon cable is 2.7 m long with a safe insulating material, which helps in precision styling and the cord doesn’t tangle easily.

3. Mhu Professional Salon Grade

Mhu Professional Salon Grade



The wait is over, and the best hair dryer is here. This hair dryer not just quickly dry the hair but saves time by about 50%. Now the reason this kind of design stands apart is that this feature.


It has two speeds and three heat settings that ensure that the dryer is suitable for every hair type. It has far infrared negative ion technology that helps to dry the hair quickly and eliminate the entire frizz. Hairstylist loves this hair dryer because of the features it has.


The hair dryer has 1875 watt of AC motor that significantly reduces the drying time and save a lot of effort. The dryer makes low noise and vibration which is one of the important factor customers considered while buying the dryer.

+ All the buttons work properly.
+ Easy to operate.

– The dryer makes noise.

Why We Like It – Unlike, the traditional blow dryers, isn’t on the surface of the hair shaft. The infrared dryer will begin to emit the cool heat as it dries, which eliminates the burns and the hot spots in the scalp.

4. Babylisspro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

Babylisspro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer



The design of the hair dryer is extremely lightweight and handy to use, and one can use it in traveling easily. It is known for its ergonomic handling design that is very portable.

The dryer has nano titanium which is known for the exceptional conductor of heat which makes the dryer super safe.


This dryer is the ultimate combination of power, design, and speed with around 2000 watts of performance with the six heat and speed settings. It also has a cool shot button; this feature helps the product run for a long time.


It has a fast-drying feature with 2000 watts. It reduces static frizz of hair and leaves the hair so smooth and silky that you won’t be able to keep your hands off them. It has in total six heat settings so that the user can operate it conveniently.

+ The dryer is lightweight.
+ It dries the hair quickly without excessive heat.
+ Stable heating features.

– It overheats sometimes.

Why We Like It – The filter is removable so the user can clean the product with no fuss at all. The dryer maintains the stability in the high temperature and the fast styling time which makes it a salon favorite too.

5. Chi Tech 1875 Limited Edition Series Hair Dryer

Chi Tech 1875 Limited Edition Series Hair Dryer



It is a limited-edition hair dryer and suits because of the amazing features it has. The dryer is, in every sense the best budget hair dryer of all time.

It consists of ceramic technology and the best part about it is that it leaves the hair so shiny that it looks like you have just got a spa from a salon. The motor is very powerful for quick-drying; at the same time, it is lightweight so that you can use it and your hand doesn’t feel a thing.


The dryer has variable heat, and the speed setting has customized styling. So, no matter if you have thin, fine or thick hair, this dryer will adjust according to your needs.


The dryer has a blue LED light, antimicrobial property to offer cleaner air and this is not a feature available in every dryer, which makes this one the best-rated hair dryer.

+ Dries the hair quickly
+ The dryer is lightweight.

– The operating button gets stuck sometimes.

Why We Like It – The dryer has a direct airflow nozzle that adds extra smoothness to the blowout. The airflow is not sharp that makes you feel pointy but adds volume to it.

6. Conair 1875-Watt Full-size Pro Hair Dryer

Conair 1875-Watt Full-size Pro Hair Dryer



This hair dryer is known for getting your hair frizz-free with its amazing 1875-watt full-size hair dryer. The dryer comes with ionic technology that will ultimately make your hair super smooth and silky. And who doesn’t love shiny hair; this is the ultimate goal at which people tend to spend 100 dollars.


Just get ready to receive all the compliments on your sleek and sexy hair, but amongst these appreciating, don’t forget to promote this amazing dryer .

It is made of tourmaline ceramic technology that is known to provide uniform heat for faster drying. The main focus of this drier apart from fast drying is to prevent heat from damaging the hair.


The infrared heat will fight the frizz and will maintain the natural shine of your hair. The hair dryer has 2-speed settings and three heat settings.

+ Easy to operate
+ Lightweight.
+ Leaves the hair smooth

– The quality of the build-up is poor.

Why We Like It – It will help you gain the desired hairstyle you want. And the switches can be turned on with easy flicks which makes the operation of this hair dryer ten times easier.

7. Berta Professional Salon Hair Dryer

Berta Professional Salon Hair Dryer



It is undoubtedly the Best rated hair dryer of the year; I mean from technology to the sleek design this dryer has got you covered completely.

It is a professional dryer with 1875 watts AC motor, which delivers the strong airflow. This dryer is known for drying the thickest quality of hair within 5 minutes with the least amount of damage.


This hair dryer has an advanced ion generator hair dryer that quickly dries the hair and soften them with no frizz.

The hair is gorgeous once this hair dryer has treated them. It is lightweight for your convenience. It is known to be the best lightweight hair dryer


It has negative ions that neutralize the positive charges. This neutrality eliminates static electricity. It does not just smooth the hair but repairs the damage to leave your hair healthy too.

+ It is safe to use.
+ The cord is long.
+ The hair dries within 5 minutes.
+ The quality of the hairdryer is great.

– It is a little expensive.

Why We Like It – This dryer also has the feature of locking the moisture within the cuticles. It has industrial qualities cord and appliance leakage current interrupter plug to increase the level of safety.

8. Infinitipro By Conair 1875-watt Salon Performance

Infinitipro By Conair 1875-watt Salon Performance



The name justifies the whole dryer; it acts like a pro as a dryer with salon performance. It has a professional AC motor and it is best in everything, whether it is drying your hair, or fast work, or saving time.

This dryer does everything for you. It has a diffuser for textured styles and the concentrator for giving a smooth style to your hair.


The dryer has ionic technology that leaves the hair salon likes smooth and silky as you have blow-dried it. They will make your hair frizz-free, which is what one expects after using a good hairdryer.


It has three heat settings and along with that 2-speed settings . This t varied control option will help you in easy operation. This way the dryer will work according to you and unlike the traditional hairdryer. You won’t have to adjust as per the dryer

+ The hair dries quickly.
+ The power cord is long.

– It overheats quickly

Why We Like It – The ceramic technology provides fast drying. The cord is 6 feet long and is insulated with safety so that the user doesn’t get any trouble while using the hairdryer.

9. Revlon 1875w Volumizing Turbo Hair Dryer

Revlon 1875w Volumizing Turbo Hair Dryer



This hair dryer has a turbo airflow button for stable air with the best heat quality to leave the hair salon like. It also has three times of ceramic coating, the reason behind this is to make your hair smooth but with the least amount of damage.

This dryer has the potential to transform the dull hair into beautiful hair with lots of volumes that will make you the talk of the town.


As you know, this hair dryer has a triple ceramic coating and the ionic technology which will leave the hair so beautiful that everyone will talk about you.


This Revlon hair dryer is the perfect hair accessory to give you the best look. It is a pro collection line that will provide the latest tools so that you get the desired result quickly. Also, it is known to be the best affordable hair dryer.

+ It is lightweight
+ It dries the hair quickly.

– The built-up quality is bad.

Why We Like It – Another amazing thing about his hairdryer is that the user can use their finger for diffuser attachment that can define those beautiful hair curl or waves as per your choice to give a natural look.

10. Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer



This dryer will not just help to make your hair silky and smooth but also help in repairing any damage that the hair has. Usually, the hairdryer is known to damage the scalp and hair with excessive heat.


This hair dryer has three times advanced coating technology, which makes the hair healthier, and the Proprietary Micro Conditioner Technology makes this dryer more unique. This dryer has three heating settings and two speed settings for user’s convenience.


This dryer will help you achieve hair that is shiny, smooth, and super healthy. This dryer has a combination of ceramic and ionic along with that it has tourmaline technology with airflow that one can adjust as per the hairstyle you have.

Also, the concentrator and attachment of diffuse make the styling easy and builds volume to dry hair.

+ The hair is very smooth after drying.
+ It is easy to operate.
+ The dryer is safe to use.

– The plastic quality is bad.

Why We Like It – This dryer has technology that does not damage the hair in any way. It is fast drying technology with the 1875-watt motor which also qualifies this hairdryer as the professional one.

Hair Dryers Buyers Guide

Before purchasing the hair dryer for yourself, you must read the given buying guide for the best hair dryer. It will help you to make an informed decision and choose a suitable dryer for your hair.

How To Find The Best Hair Dryer?

Several brands in the market are offering the best affordable hair dryer for their customers. However, the brands offer products with different features and customizations, so the prices of the products will vary.

You have an option to choose from a wide variety of dryers which are different in terms of material, weight, features, etc.

With a little research, you can easily put your hands on a suitable and affordable hair dryer that can help you to style your hair. One can use a good-quality hair dryer if you are habitual of styling your hair.

Types Of Hair Dryer

Brands always work to bring changes and new features in their products to please customers and get an advantage over the competitor’s products.

That is why hair dryers are also designed and produced in different varieties. Below is a short description of the types of hair dryers available in the market:

1. Ionic Hair Dryer

These hair dryers consist of ceramic or chrome material. They work efficiently and can blow dry your hair in a few minutes. The dryer produces negatively charged ions that break up the water molecules and prevents your hair from losing moisture.

2. Ceramic Hair Dryers

These hair dryers consist of ceramic clay or porcelain material. They release heat evenly so that your hair doesn’t get damaged while styling. The dryers also release infrared heat that flows through your hair and locks the moisture in your scalp. You can use it to style or blow-dry your hair.

3. Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Hair dryers, which are created with tourmaline work quickly and effectively on your hair. They release heat gently and equally to prevent causing any damage to your hair. You can use it easily to style your hair and blow dry them.

4. Titanium Hair Dryer

Under this, the heating coil of the dryer consist of titanium metal. They work quickly, but they are not good for people with thin or small hair. They generate heat unevenly which can damage your hair.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying The Best Hair Dryer

If you are looking forward to purchasing a hairdryer, it is good to invest in a high-quality product. It will lessen your chances of developing a dry scalp and brittle hair.

However, if you end up buying a poor-quality product, it can damage your hair, leaving them in a mess.

Below are the factors that you should look for while buying a hair dryer:

1. Wattages

The unit of a dryer is watts. The drying time will also depend on the watts, so make sure you buy a dryer with high wattages. It will reduce the time required for styling or drying your hair. The dryer with high watts is suitable for different types of hair.

2. Material

Hair dryers consist of different types of material. As discussed in the section type of hair dryers, the dryers consist of categories according to the type of material used.

While buying a hair dryer, choose the one which consists of tourmaline, ceramic, or titanium. These are the metals that generate equal heat on your hair and thereby reduces the damage. Whereas dryers with metal heating coils release uneven heat that damages the hair.

3. Technology

Make sure you purchase the dryer that has modern technology. They have unique features, and so it is easy for you to style your hair and make them look beautiful without causing any damage. Dryers with the latest technology are also easy to use.

4. Weight And Size

Styling your hair takes time. It is a slow process if you want to do it properly. If you buy a bulky product, you won’t be able to handle it easily. So make sure you go for a lightweight dryer, which is easy to use and stored in a small place.

One can carry a small-sized and lightweight dryer while you are traveling, so you can use it outside your home too. You can also consider some options on our best travel hair dryers guide.

5. Heat Control

If you expose your hair to high temperatures, they will get badly damaged. While purchasing a hair dryer, make sure it has heat control settings.

It should have several buttons to change the temperature from hot to cold. Then, you can adjust the temperature of the dryer depending on your needs and the quality of your hair.

6. Cool Button

The cool button releases cool air. You can use it after drying your hair at the heated temperature. The cold air will seal the cuticles in your hair. It will help your hair to retain moisture and bring out the shine in your hair.

FAQs on Best Hair Dryers

Q1. Which is the best hair ?

Ans. One can use hair dryers to style or blow-dry your hair. They can help you to dry your hair quickly and conveniently. Hair Dryers also keep your hair hydrated and add volume in it. This way, your hair looks bouncy and gorgeous. With its use, you can easily style your hair and manage them to provide yourself a beautiful look.

These days a wide range of hairdryer are available in the market, so usually, customers get confused about which one to buy. But there’s a quick way to analyze the best hair dryer amongst the variety of choices available in the market. Whenever you go to the market to buy a hairdryer, make sure you check out its features and specifications.

The specifications are the dryer’s heat settings, wattage, power consumption, heating technology, warranty, design, weight and size, thermal protection, storage, cord length, etc. A dryer that stands well upon all of these specifications and their requirements is the one that you should buy.

Also, if you have dry or frizzy hair and looking for ways to get rid of it, you must try using the ionic hair dryer. This type of dryer consists of ionic technology that helps you to make your hair healthy and beautiful. It reduces the frizz and improves the condition of your hair.

Q2. What precautions should one take while using a hairdryer?

Ans. Hair Dryers are an important tool for men and women. They help you to style your hair and make them look beautiful and healthy. But hair dryers generate heat, which can cause damage to your hair in the long run. So, there are some precautions that you must take to minimize or prevent damage to your hair.

  • Do not use high temperature while drying or styling your hair with a hairdryer. The high temperature will cause excessive heat in your hair, which will result in damage to your hair. So, adjust the temperature of the dryer to normal mode so that it doesn’t release much heat.
  • Use the hairdryer, which consists of tourmaline, ceramic, or titanium metal. These metal release an equal amount of heat so that you can style your hair evenly and properly. It will also prevent damage.
  • Do not use a hairdryer daily. Use it only when it is required. Regular use of the dryer can affect the health of your hair badly, leading to permanent damage to your hair.
  • Make sure you purchase a high-quality and branded dryer.
  • If you want to style your hair with the dryer in an elegant way, take the help of a professional stylist.

Q3. Are expensive hair dryers better for hair?

Ans. Most of the good-quality hair dryers are priced higher in the market. They are expensive because they consist of qualitative materials and the latest technology. They release heat gently in your hair. The expensive dryers cause much less damage to your hair than the cheap and local hair dryers with average features and specifications.

It is even more important to buy an expensive hair dryer if you have thin or medium textured hair. These types of hairs are prone to damage easily.

While a cheaper dryer can release an uneven and high amount of heat in your hair resulting in hair fall and damage, that is because the low-quality dryers are designed only to blow hot air.

But the expensive dryers are developed with the latest ionic technology that preserves the moisture in your hair. However, if you have healthy hair and they can bear the heat released by the dryer, you don’t necessarily need an expensive dryer.

Best Hair Dryer – Your pick?

So, if you want to get soft and beautiful hair, make sure you follow the above guidelines while purchasing a hairdryer for you. Always invest in a good quality product so that you can stay relaxed later.

However, a good quality product isn’t always expensive. You can even get the best budget hair dryer in the market if you do thorough research about it.


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