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10 Best Hair Gels in 2022

Finding the best hair gel to suit all of your styling needs can be a bit of a challenge when you start to look at all of the options out there. When you start to look at hair gel, you realize you have choices in size, hold, hairstyling ability, and scent.

Additionally, they make different types for the specific make of your hair, be it straight, thick, or curly. Many people need to have a natural look even when they are using hair gel. Finding the best hair gel will ensure that you have a natural look with firm hold styling.

After looking over the best hair gel options, we have compiled a list of the top 10 hair gels for men. Continue reading and find out why we believe these options to be the best and to understand what to look for when purchasing hair gel for men.

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1. Johnny B Mode Styling Gel

Johnny B Mode Styling Gel


Johnny B Mode Styling Gel offers excellent bang for your buck. This hair gel provides a firm hold. Additionally, it is gleaming, which is excellent if you are going for a wet look. Consumers love Johnny B Mode Styling Gel because it does not flake in their hair. Another feature that is beloved with this option is the fact that you can re-wet your hair, activate the gel, and change your hair styling choice. This hair product for men is going to work well in medium to thick hair.

+ Many Size Options Available
+ Water Soluble
+ Alcohol-Free
+ Signature Scent

Why We Liked It – The best hair gels are going to be versatile, and a large number of people will be able to benefit from one of them. This firm hold styling gel is excellent for most types of hair and offers long-lasting hold without many of the pitfalls you see in other hair gels.

2. DevaCurl Ultra Defining Hair Gel

DevaCurl Ultra Defining Hair Gel


This product is great for those with curly hair. Gel for hair that is curly can be hard to come by. Many will leave your hair crunchy feeling or frizzy looking. Those that deal with curly hair know it is harder to find the best products and unfortunately sometimes what is considered the best isn’t very good at all. This hair gel is award-winning and will define your curly hair in the best way imaginable. It offers a strong hold that is also flexible. Your hair will look natural while maintaining your hair styling of choice.

+ Locks Moisture In
+ Light Tropical Scent
+ Sulfate & Paraben Free
+ Improves Shine

Why We Liked It – This product has proven itself time and again to be the perfect match for curly hair. The strong hold is perfect at helping keep your curls defined and fight frizz. Natural looking curly hair Matt is well-controlled is made possible when choosing this hair styling product

3. ECO Styler Professional Styling Gel

ECO Styler Professional Styling Gel


This brand offers a full line of gel hair products. When styling hair, men need different options for different looks. Whether you are going for the wet look or you are on the search for the best option for your curly hair, this brand has you covered. They have options for your hair type, no matter what it is. From firm holding hair gels for men, to options for curly or wavy hair, they really do have it all.

+ All Options = Alcohol-Free
+ An Option For Every Style
+ Good for All Hair Types
+ Trusted Brand

Why We Liked It – ECO CO, all rights reserved, is a brand that truly knows what it takes to make the best hair gel. They offer a wide variety of products with different ingredients, like one with Argan Oil and one with Coconut Oil, to suit a variety of men s hair needs. They are well-known in the hair gel industry and will continue to grow their name with excellent options in hair gels.

4. Joico Joigel Medium Styling Gel

Joico Joigel Medium Styling Gel


This medium hold styling gel can help make your hair look great without that crunchy feeling. This hair gel only requires you to use a small amount to achieve your styling goals. Sometimes, hair gels for men require you to use a lot which can really change the look and feel of your hair.

You won’t have to worry about that here. Additionally, this styling gel works well to define curls. It is good for most hair types. Another factor consumers love is that they don’t need to worry about this gel flaking throughout the day.

+ Dries Quickly
+ Makes Hair Shinier
+ Improves Moisture
+ Medium Hold Enhances Natural Look

Why We Liked It – This styling gel is going to allow for a less structured look. Your hair will have more bounce and movement while using it. Hair gel for men tends to become very stiff but that is not always the look that is wanted. It’s releiving to know there is an option out there among the best hair gels that offer this type of hold.

5. SEXY HAIR Style Hard Up Holding Gel

SEXY HAIR Style Hard Up Holding Gel


Sexy hair hard up hair gel is a great one if you are looking for a firm hold. This is a hair styling gel that works well for any hair type. Sexy Hair is a brand that knows gel and it shows. Regardless of if you use it on dry or wet hair you will be able to manage a variety of different looks and styles with this option. Sexy hair gel for men will give you a strong hold, wet look or a messy natural style, depending on what you want. A small amount will help make your hair styling efforts exponentially.

+ All-Day Hold
+ Gives Great Shine to Hair
+ Flake-Free
+ Good for All hair Styling goals

Why We Liked It – Sexy Hair is a trusted brand among professionals. The brand, Sexy Hair, all rights reserved, makes fantastic options in not only gel, but also in hair spray, mousse, shampoo, and conditioner. When you want great looking hair, you can trust their products to help you.

6. BIOLAGE Styling Gelée

BIOLAGE Styling Gelée


This hair gel is one that many people have trusted for generations. It is considered to be an all-purpose hair gel. BIOLAGE, all rights reserved, does not add unwanted ingredients like parabens to their hair gels. Hair styling gel, like this one, is light in fragrance and offers a firm hold.

If you want to change your hairstyle, you can add a small amount of water to your already styled hair and switch up your look. The strong hold helps keep your best hair days strong, regardless of the adventure you find yourself on.

+ Improves Body
+ Makes Hair Shine
+ Long-Lasting Firm Hold
+ Styling Gel for All Hair Types

Why We Liked It – We love that this hair gel for men is so easy to use. Reworking hair gels that are already in your hair can be difficult but that is not the case here. A little bit of water and a small amount of time will allow you to change up your style with ease.

7. American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel

American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel


American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel is a great option for those looking for a wet look. Your hair will be very shiny when using this option from American Crew. There are a couple of size options available and it works well regardless of hair type.

American Crew offers a gel that is excellent on wet or dry hair. The extracts used in this hair gel for men will help make your hair look fuller and thicker. Additionally, these extracts help to nourish your hair follicles, as well as your scalp.

+ Alcohol-Free
+ Low PH
+ Firm Hold = Long-Lasting Style
+ Even Distribution

Why We Liked It – American Crew makes great products in general. This brand takes the time to figure out what men s hair needs and then provides it. Their gel for men will give you a superior style that is easy to achieve.

8. Cantu Shea Butter Twist & Lock Gel

Cantu Shea Butter Twist & Lock Gel


One of the reasons consumers love this product and feel that it is one of the best hair gel options on the market is the fact that it truly does nourish your strands. Your hair will feel soft and supple all while maintaining your chosen Style.

This one is going to be great when you are trying to manage frizzy hair or maintain curls. This product does not offer a firm hold, but it does a great job providing the user with a bit of shine. Additionally, it helps to hydrate thick hair.

+ Locks In Natural Moisture
+ Helps Control Frizz
+ Made From Shae Butter
+ No Unwanted Ingredients

Why We Liked It – if your hair type is dry or frizzy this is going to be a great option. It helps improve how your dry hair looks and feels. A small amount of this product will keep your curls looking soft and defined.

9. Gummy Hair Gel

Gummy Hair Gel


This gel for men is great when reaching for structured looks. It provides a firm hold. It is one of the best hair gels for gravity-defying hairstyles. It works well for pretty much any hair type. Also, there is no need to fret over it drying out your scalp as it is alcohol-free. Extreme styles will take a strong hold and this gel for men will do the trick. When you need to make a power play in the board room or make your lady swoon on date night, this hair gel option will get the job done.

+ Only Need Small Amount
+ Extreme Looks Even With Long Hair
+ All Day Style
+ Pleasant Scent

Why We Liked It – This line is specifically made for men. Hair gel for men is a category that holds many options. This hair styling gel is perfect for those that like to wear styles that are outside of the box but don’t want to invest in difficult hair glues.

10. L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle

L'Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle


The Lock It Gel Collection from L’Oreal Paris is excellent for a variety of needs. One option, the Clean Style gel, provides the user with a matte finish that is soft and manageable. If you prefer more extreme hair options, you can go with the Extreme Style gel option.

They have come up with a product line that offers something for those with long hair, dry hair, thick hair, and even those of you with curls. All hair types can be styled with ease when you choose this option among the best hair gels.

+ Long-Lasting Hold
+ No Residue
+ Matte Finish (Clean Style Hair Gel)
+ Excellent Versatility in Product Line

Why We Liked It – Wanting to go from a soft day look to a crunchy night look can require a variety of different products. The fact that this brand offers a product for all your hair gel needs makes for a one-stop shopping trip.

Hair Gel Buyer’s Guide

The best hair gel options will provide you with versatile looks to suit your moods. One product is not always going to be able to do everything you want it to. You may find that you need to invest in several different types of hair gels. Achieving the perfect look may require a strong hold or maybe you want to keep things looking less crunchy and more natural on occasion, no matter your goals, there is a perfect hair gel option out there for your hair type and styling goals.

When breaking down the best hair gel options we looked at a variety of different aspects. This included which one will work best for different types of hair. We also looked at what it takes to keep customers happy. this included brushing up on the different types of holds and what they will do for your hair. Some product lines cater to curly-haired people while others cater to those that are trying to make their hair look thicker and fuller. With so many hair gel options available, let’s dissect what you should be looking for before buying your next hair gel product.


Hair Gel on Wooden Background

When it comes to having the best hair around the ingredients of your hair gel are going to make a difference. Nowadays most product options in hair gels will not contain unwanted ingredients like alcohol, parabens, and sulfates. While most of the best hair gel Brands will avoid these ingredients, what about the ingredients you do want?

One thing that you definitely want to look for in a hair gel product is that water is the first ingredient. Any product that is not using water as the first ingredient will not provide you with the ability to meet your men s hair styling goals. While water may not seem like a power play for hair gel, it actually is. The best brands, like Johnny B, will always start with water.

Gel Polymers

After water, the ingredients of your product well include gel polymers. This is the ingredient that actually turns water into a hair gel. These polymers are what provide you with a light, medium, or a strong hold. There are a vast number of different polymers that are used. Some will flake worse than others. As long as you are buying one of the best hair gel options on the market you won’t need to worry about what type of polymer the product uses.

One other important note about polymers is depending on the type that is used will decipher what type of hold you will have. Some polymers are used to improve moisture which is great for those of you with girls. Other polymers are going to offer a very stiff hold which is better suited for those working toward an extreme hairstyle.


Young Asian man is lokking in mirror and touching his hair on white background

Thickeners like magnesium aluminum silicate and Carbomer are used to thicken hair gel for men. This type of ingredient is going to make the hair gel easier to work with. You may find your product to be a bit harder to work with when it is very thick. However, many consumers prefer working with thick hair gel rather than a thin one. Thickeners do not play a role in how well your hair gel product will hold.

Oils & Nutrients

Some gel styling product options add a variety of different oils and nutrients to their blend. These product options can keep your scalp from getting itchy and actually improve the overall quality of your hair. When you buy a hair gel that is infused with something like Argan Oil you will notice that your hair becomes softer and more manageable even without the gel. These can be perfectly suited for men s hair. They can also be good if you are trying to add volume to your hair or you are working toward having long hair. The nutrients can play a big role in keeping your hair looking its best.


Cropped photo portrait of man's head with health hair and stylish haircut

When it comes to the hold of your hair gel, you need to pay attention to a couple of things. One thing to look at is whether is considered a matte product or a shine product. Obviously, one labeled shine is going to make your hair look shiny. also, you will find that it reflects light quite well. A matte finish, will not offer any shine enhancement. You may be wondering why we stuck this information on sheen to the hold section. We did this because the hold rating of the product will directly impact whether you end up with a matte or shiny finish.

More often than not, hair gels will offer higher levels of hold and therefore, higher levels of shine. This can be a great power play for those of you that are looking for classing looking styles. While shine does not always look natural, it does ensure your hair is going to get noticed. Strong hold gel product options will typically offer the highest levels of shine. You will also find that the products offering the most shine, keep your best hair styles in place for a plethora of time.

Extreme Hold

Men s hair styles that require the highest level of hold will require a hair gel that is designed for unique styles. Extreme hold hair gel product options will be thicker and they are also easy to work with. You will find that with these extreme hold product options, your hair is not going to look natural. If you are desiring a wet look that will hold for a day or two, this is going to be a great option. Your hair will be shiny and noticeable. Extreme hold hair gels are also great when you are looking for a very sculpted look.

Also, keep in mind that extreme hold hair gel for men comes with a few problems. These product options may be a power play when it comes to your look but you need to be careful to avoid flaking. With extreme hold hair gel product options, flakes tend to be a problem is you run your hands through your hair. During the day this could be a really big problem and leave your style falling short. If you use extreme hold product options, keep your hands off of it to ensure you maintain excellent shine and style.

Medium Hold

When you are scouring a market place looking for options in hair gel for men, many people go with a medium hold product. This is going to give you a decent amount of hold and your hair will look more natural than it would with an extreme hold product. Medium hold are the best hair gel products for those that aren’t looking for hair that won’t move. You will get a softer style but also a good amount of hold. This can be the perfect option for your day time looks. You won’t be getting those power play hair styles but you also won’t have to worry about flaking as much.

Men s hair can look really great when it is a bit tousled and messy. A medium hold is going to give you exactly that. Keep in mind that a product listed as medium may make hair a bit stiffer than you would like. However, when you compare it to an extreme hold, it is a night and day difference.

The medium-weight hair gels are typically not as hard on your hair. If you use it every day this can be a big advantage in maintaining your best hair. Most experts feel as if a medium-weight hair gel is the best option for day to day use. It will give you a bit of shine and also a decent amount of hold. You won’t be able to achieve those sculpted looks but you will likely be surprised at how natural your hair looks when using a hair gel with this type of hold.

Light Hold

The best hair gel for those that want a natural look, is going to be one that is lightweight. A great example of this is the Cantu Shea Butter Twist & Lock Gel. It is made completely of Shea Butter. It is going to help keep your hair healthy. Also, this product will enhance your curls. You won’t have much shine with a lightweight hair gel product. However, throughout the day your hair will become healthier, softer, and more manageable.

A lightweight hair gel product is also going to help fight frizz. You won’t have to deal with a crunchy head of hair but you will be able to style it quite easily. The hold is not firm so, you may suffer from styling mishaps and falling hair. This type of product is going to work better for those that don’t care so much for holding their styling up but are looking to control a wild main and keep it as natural as possible.

During the day, a lightweight gel maybe your best option. It can help you maintain your classy styling and give you just a touch of shine. When changing your styling from day to night, you may consider going with a heavier option that holds better.

Men’s Vs Women’s Hair Gel Options

Close up photo of thoughtful dreamy lady hold hand jar with cream, curious want apply spa salon cosmetics to have pure smooth silky ideal skin isolated over pastel color background

Some of the best hair gel options on the market today are not specified for men or women, others are. Realistically, a man’s hair and a woman’s hair is the same thing. So finding the best hair gel does not need to be done by gender. The best hair gels will contain high-quality ingredients that will improve your hair instead of harm it. Regardless if you use hair gels every day or not you shouldn’t have to worry about them drying out your scalp or damaging your hair.

When it comes to the true difference between hair gel for men in hair gel for women it truly is only about how it smells. Products that are geared toward men will come in scents that are considered masculine, but that does not always make them the best hair gels for men. Also, the same goes for products geared toward women. Also, hair gel doesn’t care if you are a man or a woman, and you should stop caring who it is designed for. Find the item that works best for you, your style, and your hair and go with it.

Hair Type

Cropped close up photo amazing he him his macho hands arms plastic hair styling brush take care hairdo barber shop stylist visit look up process experiment wear white t-shirt isolated grey background

The best gel for you is going to depend on what type of hair you have. Throughout this article, we have made mention of different types of hair and the products that are going to work well with them. In this section, let’s take a look at the different types of hair that you may have and the best gel products for them.

Wavy or Curly

Most people that are dealing with curly or wavy hair will tell you that it is the best and the worst. People with this hair type frequently find themselves fighting frizz and trying to maintain decent looking curls. The wrong gel product can weigh your curls down or leave you looking like you spent an hour teasing your hair before walking out the door. One of the things you want to look for when searching for the best gel option for curls is that it helps to add moisture to your hair.

The best gel options when dealing with curls will be lightweight and keep your hair looking soft and supple. It does not matter whether your hairstyle is short or long when handling waves and curls; you want to keep them hydrated. Many gel options for wavy or curly locks will add ingredients like Argen Oil or amino acid extracts to ensure you have healthy, hydrated hair.


Straight hair can be a bit more difficult to style when compared to curly or wavy hair. Sometimes, straight hair simply wants to lay flat on the head. So, using an extreme hold gel can help alleviate the burden of lifeless looking hair. Sometimes people with straight hair have the burden of it being overly oily. If you find yourself in this situation, you will want to avoid gel options that are used for hydration.

The atom hydration can make your hair look and feel more oily. Another reason extreme hold gel options are going to be best for straight hair is they tend to coat evenly and provide you with enough power to keep your hair in the exact position that you are striving for. It may also be a great idea to look for gel options that add texture.


When you are dealing with thick hair regardless of if it is Curly, wavy, or straight, you will want to avoid a gel option that is going to weigh your hair down. Let’s face it, and thick hair is already heavy enough. The best option for you thick-haired folks out there will be the options that are a bit Runner. Extreme hold gels tend to be more jelly-like. This viscosity can be very hard to work through your hair evenly.

So, finding a gel with a thinner make-up can make it much easier to spread through your locks. It can also be advantageous to find a gel that nourishes your hair. Those with thick manes tend to fight dry locks that can become brittle and break. This leaves you with nasty split ends that we would all like to avoid. Using a moisture-enhancing gel that is fairly thing, is going to be the best option for those of you with thick hair.


Whether your hair is color or chemically treated, there is always a concern when adding a new product into your hair care routine. Like every other product out there, you will find gel options that are labeled as “color-safe.” While some of these may be worth the money, others aren’t. When it comes to hair gel and keeping your color looking great, you simply need to remember to take a peek at the ingredients list.

If they are using standard high-quality gel ingredients, you really won’t have to worry about it messing with your color. Many people like how much shine gel gives to their color-treated hair. Additionally, if you can find a gel that keeps your style for a couple of days, it will cut down on how much you have to wash it and, in turn, keep your color vibrant for a longer period.


Like people with color-treated hair, those with chemical treatments tend to worry about what products are going to be ok for their hair and which ones are going to cause a problem. Whether you have your hair relaxed or permed, most gels are going to be safe. Here again, you will want to make sure you pay attention to the ingredients.

Using a gel that enhances moisture is typically a good thing for chemically-treated hair. When we put chemicals on our hair and scalp, it frequently causes us to have dry hair. So, adding moisture is never going to work against you. If you are unsure whether or not the gel you are using is safe for the chemical treatment your hair has undergone, it is a great idea to talk with your stylist.

Frequently Asked Questions:

happy young man styling his hair with wax or gel

Is hair gel bad for your hair?

The answer to this question is difficult as it truly depends on the products that you are buying. The best hair gel options are not going to damage your hair. They will avoid unwanted ingredients that can lead to malnourished hair and an uncomfortable scalp. By checking over the ingredients list of the product you are about to buy, you will be able to easily understand if this is one of the best hair gel options or one that you should avoid. If consumers mention that they are having trouble with, it is also likely that you will too. All of the options listed here should not cause any damage to your hair or scalp.

How exactly does hair gel work?

The ingredients of your hair gel will form a film that makes individual strands attracted to each other. This is what causes your hair to stick together, and what makes gel a good option for structured styles. The water inside of your gel will evaporate as the gel products dry. The polymers inside of your gel will shrink as it dries. This will leave your hair in the position you put it in. This is especially true when you are using a firm holding gel.

Can you use gel daily?

When you are working with the best hair gel options, using it daily, will be no problem. You may find that your hair is looking the best it ever has when you start to use a high-quality gel. The best gel options are going to nourish your hair and your scalp. If you buy a low-quality gel, you must understand that there is a possibility that it will damage your hair and make your scalp itchy and dry. The best gel options will include ingredients that will help hydrate your hair and your scalp.

Should I use gel, wax, or pomade?

Answering this question depends on a couple of things. The best option for short to medium hair maybe wax. Wax does not provide the same amount of hold as gel or pomade, but it is straightforward to apply. Wax can also be perfect if you have a wild mane you are trying to tame while keeping a natural look. A gel is one of the best multiuse hair styling options.

They make it with a variety of holds so you can easily go from a carefree style to one that is structured and unmoving. Pomade is an excellent in-between option. It offers a decent level of hold, is fairly easy to work with, and keeps your hair looking soft. The best choice will depend on the hairstyle you are trying to achieve.


Regardless of the style you are trying to achieve, and there is a hair gel out there for you. Whether looking for a unique sculpted look or a day one that is a bit more beach bum, hair gel is a great option in styling products. Not all hair gel is created equal, and knowing the proper type for the task at hand is advantageous. Hopefully, this guide has cleared up many of your questions and help you become informed about the best hair gel option for your particular style.

Editor’s Note

Looking into styling products also encouraged us to look at options in hair waxes, sprays, and pomades. If you like to wear a variety of different styles, it may be a smart idea to stock up on a variety of hair care products to suit all of your needs rather than relying on hair gel alone.

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