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10 Best Leave-In Conditioners in 2022

So it’s still winter. Your skin is cleansed, toned, prepped, and primed for the icy cold day ahead. You won’t leave the house without adding a splash of rosehip oil to your favorite foundation, let alone forget your SPF 30, right? That’s great, but the question is, are we giving our hair the same love and attention? Uh-oh.

Beautiful woman with long smooth shiny straight hair. Hairstyle

Let me guess. You’re here because your hair is feeling a little lack-luster, dry, and well, quite frankly, lifeless. You’re craving the sunshine to give you that hair glow, but, let’s be frank, come rain or shine, we should be giving our hair the pampering it deserves. Or, you’re here because you’re not sure what the difference between a conventional conditioner (used after shampooing) and a leave-in conditioner is.

Well, sure, they both have similar properties, but we feel that sometimes conditioning after shampooing is not enough to rehydrate your locks, repair moisture levels, and boost shine. If you’re experiencing dry, brittle, or tangled hair post shampoo and conditioner, then perhaps you ought to invest in the best leave-in conditioner.

View The Best Leave In Conditioner Below

1. Garnier Hair Care Whole Blends Leave-In Treatment

Garnier Hair Care Whole Blends Leave-In Treatment


Hands up if you love Garnier Hair Care? We certainly do! At number one for the best leave-in conditioners, we love the Honey Treasures Repairing leave-in conditioner, boosting ten benefits at once for all hair types. Okay, I’m sold.

Are you looking for a leave-in conditioner that will provide moisture and repair your hair, detangle those pesky knots, tame your frizz, nourish and protect against heat damage, and strengthen and reduce breakages?

This is a Miracle Nectar, carefully crafted with honey, royal jelly, and propolis, formulated into a luscious and creamy blend that’s nurturing and wholesome.

+ Paraben-Free
+ Formulated with sensitive skin in mind and gentle enough for everyday use
+ Non-oily or greasy

Why We Like It – We love Garnier’s Whole blends leave-in conditioner. What’s not to love? It’s also paraben-free, meaning it’s free from any preservatives that could be harmful to your hair and skin health. Not to mention, Garnier selects its ingredients fairly and ethically. With sustainability at the forefront of their brand, they also strive to support local farmers and communities.

In our opinion, this is the best overall leave-in conditioner. If you’re not convinced, then you should know that all Garnier shampoos and conditioners are also made of PET recyclable plastic. 30% of that is also sourced from post-consumer recycled materials. Could this be the one for you?

2. Keracolor Purify Plus Lite Leave-In Conditioning Treatment

Keracolor Purify Plus Lite Leave-In Conditioning Treatment


For those high-end consumers who like to feel like they’re walking out of the salon every day, then we have just the treatment for you. Introducing the Keracolor Purify Plus Leave-in Conditioners. Carefully crafted with Krystal Water Complex, this leave-in treatment works endlessly to repair thinner, fine hair by actually neutralizing our shower water system and working to stop the invasion of harsh chemicals.

+ PH balanced
+ Sulfate, paraben, and cruelty-free.
+ Created to strengthen the integrity of the hair in mind

Why We Like It – As our premium choice for the best leave-in conditioners, we love this luxury but still very affordable leave-in conditioner. We love the high-end results achieved with this lightweight, easy to use formula. With just a few spritz post-shower, your hair is moments away from feeling light, breathable, and fantastic. This one is excellent.

3. Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream


Garnier steals the show yet again with their Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream. With awesome value for money, this leave-in conditioner also offers intensely smooth and vibrant hair. Also infused with Morrocan Argan Oil, it treats the finest, dryest and frizziest of hairs for long-lasting results. This may earn you some brownie points with the family, that’s for sure!

+ Active Fruit Proteins
+ Plant-derived extracts
+ Great value for money

Why We Like It – What’s not to love? The price is just right with this affordable yet results-driven leave-in conditioner. Infused with Argan Oil for that extra nourishment and vibrancy, you can trust in Garnier to have your hair feeling back to normal in no time. It’s easy to see why this conditioner is our best value choice for the best leave-in treatment.

4. Renpure Coconut Whipped Creme Leave-In Conditioner

Renpure Coconut Whipped Creme Leave-In Conditioner


Renpure’s plant-based beauty is in at Number 4. This is one for all the curly-haired women and men out there. The natural smell of coconut whipped creme has been designed with you in mind; it’s formulated to minimize breakage and get those flyaway baby hairs under control. This creme whip will also leave your curly locks feeling intensely moistured and nourished. Absolutely no nasties, dyes or gluten.

+ Prolonged hair conditioning throughout the day
+ Minimize breakage
+ No synthetic chemicals

Why We Like It – Plant-based beauty is the future and that’s why we love Renpure. This is a formula designed specifically for the curly-haired male or female, we would recommend it as one of the best leave-in conditioners.

5. Carol’s Daughter Almond Milk Leave-In Conditioner

Carol's Daughter Almond Milk Leave-In Conditioner


Infused with some of the top ingredients on the market, such as Almond oil, Shea oil, and Cocao Seed butter (the list goes on), Carol’s Daughters’ range is your one-stop-shop for all things au naturel. For the ladies and gents with brittle, damaged hair, this one is the lightweight leave-in conditioner for you! It’s formulated with no Parabens, Mineral oil or artificial coloring.

+ Increased moisture when applied to damp hair
+ Natural ingredients
+ No artificial coloring/parabens

Why We Like It – We love how natural this product is, with only the finest plant-based ingredients. This is a great buy for someone wanting to invest and start their journey into clean beauty.

6. Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream

Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream


Cantu’s Conditioning repair cream is formulated with pure Shea butter, amongst other natural oils to repair breakage, adding gloss with every application. Designed to use on a daily basis, applying Cantu Repair cream to damp hair will promote healthier, stronger looking hair. It’s ideal for anyone with colored or texturized hair.

+ Restores shine and promote hair strength and growth over time
+ Gentle enough for everyday use
+ Designed for colored hair

Why We Like It – We love Cantu Repair Cream as it helps repair breakage and brittle hair. Formulated with colored and textured hair in mind, this is the perfect cream for anyone wanting to preserve their color for that little bit longer.

7. BioSilk Silk Therapy Leave-Inn Conditioner

BioSilk Silk Therapy Leave-Inn Conditioner


BioSilk Therapy earns a place in our top spots, as it offers a formula like no one else; the combination of herbs and plants promotes healthier hair bountiful with suppleness and shine. The silk proteins penetrate into the hair, allowing for moisture and endless shine.

What’s more, this product is paraben-free and never tested on animals.

+ No animal testing
+ Detangles hair, making it easier to work a comb through your new and improved locks
+ Plant-based hair care

Why We Love It – This is another plant-based beauty. We love Bio-silk for its natural ingredients that offer shine and nourishes your hair from tip to toe.

8. Shea Moisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner

Shea Moisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner


The clue is in the name. Packed with natural ingredients, including but not limited to Shea Butter, Black castor oil, and Peppermint oil, this leave-in conditioner is great for anyone suffering from dry or brittle hair and is looking to repair and restore. This unique miracle leave-in formula will not only repair hair but add the moisture it’s lacking.

+ Offers heat protection
+ Shea butter as the main ingredient
+ Adds moisture, repairs brittle hair

Why We Like It – We love this formula for its repairing properties and natural essential oils.

9. ArtNaturals Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner

artnaturals Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner - (12 Fl Oz / 355ml) - Made with...


Made with Argan Oil, this leave-in conditioner is super versatile and can work with any hair type. Whether that’s curly hair, color-treated hair, fine hair, this is something for you all! It’s packed with Jojoba Oil to deeply nourish your scalp, while Argan Oil works to hydrate and restores that glossy shine you’ve been missing. It comes with a side of Green Tea and Peppermint to promote a healthier scalp by increasing blood circulation.

+ Made with natural oils; Argan & Jojoba
+ Green tea & Peppermint to improve scalp condition
+ Added hydration

Why We Like It – The clue is in the name; Art Naturals is one of our favorites for its beautiful ingredients that work together to improve scalp condition and add the moisture and hydration your hair has been lacking.

10. John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Conditioner

John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Conditioner


John Frieda is back at it again with their Daily Nourishment Leave-in conditioner, targeted at color-treated hair to protect, detangle and hydrate hair for longer. Formulated as a leave-in spray, use this product easily pre-styling. It’s packed with a blend of vitamins, such as Green Tea extract, to protect against heat damage. Use daily for optimal results. While it ends up as number 10 of our best leave-in treatments, it could be our number one for curly hair.

+ Targeting colored har
+ Detangle formula
+ Green Tea extract

Why We Like It – John Frieda is a trusted brand when it comes to leave-in conditioners. We love the simplicity of this product; it is, perhaps, the best leave-in spray. It’s easy to take on the go with you so you can reapply throughout the day. The added green tea prevents damage against heat.

Leave-In Conditioner Buyer’s Guide

The Goal

We all want soft, shiny hair without split ends. Well, to achieve this, we need to ensure our hair is getting enough moisture. But there is so much, if not too much, choice out there when it comes to deciding what shampoo and conditioner sets are best for your hair type.

Condition correctly. Beauty treatment product. System of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Girl blonde holds hair care product bottle. Woman shows moisturizing beauty product for hair.

What works well for one person may not necessarily be the best fit for another, and that’s where we step in. Whether you have curly hair, fine hair, or color-treated hair, we’re here to give you the ultimate guide to some of the best leave-in conditioners on the market.

Just remember, the key difference between the two types of conditioner is that you don’t completely rinse leave-in conditioner, so it’s crucial to plan this around your day. If you’re having a lazy Saturday at home, then this would be the perfect ritual for both yourself and your hair! What’s better than a hot cuppa and a conditioner leave-in treatment.

The Science

Is leave in conditioner good for your hair?

Beautiful woman applying hair conditioner

Many of you may be wondering if the leave-in conditioner or your detangling spray is actually good for your hair. For some, this may be the first time you’re hearing about leave-in conditioner, and you may wonder if leave-in conditioner actually helps or hinders the condition of your hair. We’re here to reassure you that leave-in conditioner products are a great way to ensure your hair is getting all the nourishment and moisture it needs.

With many options out there on the market for those who are little more environmentally conscious, or cautious about what ingredients go into your products, there is something for every hair type and consumer. Just be sure to read the directions with your desired brand to ensure you’re getting the most benefit out of your treatment.

Expert Tip

Using a wide-tooth comb will leave you with the best results while you apply your leave-in treatment or conditioning spray. When your hair is damp, it’s at its most fragile, therefore opting for a comb is likely to cause less damage than a conventional brush. Oh, and before we go, here’s another top tip from the professionals.

Try to avoid applying leave-in conditioner too close to your roots or scalp. Remember, although we want to add shine and texture, no-one wants greasy looking hair.

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