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10 Best MAC Lipsticks in 2022

MAC Cosmetics prides itself on celebrating individuality and the artistry of makeup. MAC is also one of the world’s leading trendsetting makeup brands. Because all of MAC’s makeup is designed to photograph well, they’re the go-to brand used by Fashion Weeks all over the world; so get ready for the best selfie you’ve ever taken!

MAC truly is a global phenomenon with a unique culture that puts YOU at center stage. All of their products have rich formulas, high color payoff, long-wearing, and smudge-free. The variety of colors they offer–from foundation to eyeshadows, from liners to lipsticks–MAC is your “ultimate color authority!”

MAC’s relevance in the makeup world is second-to-none; they have made their mark and will continue to do so through innovation, new product launches, and stellar collaborations. MAC has worked with some big names, such as Brooke Shields, Rihanna, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

MAC understands that your lip color can make or break your look. Your pout sends a message about who you want to be today. With all the lip color options that MAC has to offer, it may feel like an impossible choice; and there’s no way that you can pick just one! To help, we’ve come up with a list of the Top 10 MAC Lipsticks for 2022!

View The Best MAC Lipsticks Below

1. MAC Retro Matte Lipstick, Ruby Woo

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick, Ruby Woo


You can’t go wrong with a red lip! Ruby Woo is a true timeless classic with a twist; it’s the perfect day-to-night shade. You can see it’s a retro shade of red with a slight blue shimmer. The velvety formula applies smoothly and has a gorgeous matte finish, and the shade goes well with any skin tone. One of MAC’s bestsellers, this full-sized lipstick, is compact enough to fit in your purse or clutch. You won’t want to leave the house without it!

+Bold and vivid with a high color payoff
+Gorgeous no-shine, matte finish
+Long-wearing, so it transitions from day to night with ease
+Lipstick won’t look “caked” on
+Nearly a whole ounce of lipstick! (.64 oz)

Why We Like It – The classic matte red is one of the most iconic lipstick shades, and we’re swooning! We love that it has such a long-lasting, high color payoff and that it can easily go from day to night! It’s the best MAC lipstick because it’s so old Hollywood chic, yet perfect for the modern pout! Try shade Russian Red for a flashy alternative for other skin tones.

2. Mac Lipstick Matte Diva

Mac Lipstick Matte Diva


This lipstick is a darker shade of red than Ruby Woo, with brown and purple tones–perfect for a night out on the town! Go bold with a smokey eye, or go simple with the eyes and let your lips do all the talking! It lights up all skin tones and will pull together any look. You’ll be able to channel your inner diva and ooze confidence with this glam shade!

+One of the most popular MAC lipstick colors!
+Desinged for long wear
+Silky-smooth application with a matte finish that still moisturizes your lips
+High color payoff
+Vivid, eye-catching shade; even though it does dry to a matte finish, this lipstick has a light sparkle!

Why We Like It – This bold darker shade is gorgeous and makes us feel like we can do anything! We love that this MAC lipstick has an added sparkle and its silky, moisturizing formula!

3. MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande

MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande


This Special Edition MAC lipstick is a cool-toned, playful neon lavender color reminiscent of the pop star. Ariana Grande is rarely seen in anything other than her signature bright party colors, and this lipstick is no different! Take off the cap, and you’ll see the pop princess’ signature stamped around the side. And best of all, the price is unbeatable–it’s the best value in this list!

+The bright lavender hue of this lipstick complements every skin tone
+Beautiful matte finish that will last all day and night
+A Special Edition, must-have if you’re an Ariana Grande fan!
+Excellent price!

Why We Like It – Whether you’re an Ariana Grande fan or not, there’s no denying that this lipstick shade is breathtaking! This long-lasting, smudge-proof color makes us want to get under the neon lights with friends and dance the night away!

4. MAC Cremesheen Lipstick, Modesty

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick, Modesty


If more subtle, natural-looking lipstick shades are your thing; then this one is for you! This color is somewhere between a nude shade and a soft pink. This lipstick is part of MAC’s Cremesheen line, which gives you a unique and special formula. Use this lipstick to give that little extra something to your natural, everyday look.

+The “Cremesheen” formula gives you the silkiness and color payoff of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss
+That glossy shine isn’t sticky!
+ Highly moisturizing
+Complements all skin tones
+The perfect nude with a perfect pop of shimmering pink

Why We Like It – Some days, you don’t want to be full-blown glam, and this is the perfect lipstick for those days. We love that this lip color enhances our natural look, and the Cremesheen formula is so luxurious!

5. MAC Satin Lipstick Rebel

MAC Satin Lipstick Rebel


As the name implies, this lipstick is perfect for anyone wanting to showcase their rebellious side! This creamy lipstick is a beautiful plum shade; purples complement all skin tones! The satin finish means your pout will have the perfect balance between matte and shiny–for hours. This fierce shade will take any look to the next level. This color is another confidence booster and will make you want to show them what you’ve got! This is one of the best MAC lipsticks on the shelf!

+You’ll get the perfect balance between a matte finish and a shiny finish
+Moisturizing and cake-free
+A bestseller among MAC lipsticks!
+The silky application makes it easy to define the lips with a darker shade
+High color payoff that’s bold, vivid, and will last for hours

Why We Like It – We love the attitude behind this color! It’s so versatile and long-lasting. The balance between matte and shine is perfect!

6. MAC Lipstick Matte Heroine

MAC Lipstick Matte Heroine


If “Rebel” is too dark for you, then this is your next go-to; it’s a cooler, slightly lighter shade of purple that will still compliment any skin tone. This was formerly a limited edition MAC lipstick, but it was so popular that it became a permanent shade! Thank goodness, because this lipstick will up the ante of any makeup look–all it needs is some black eyeliner and subtle eyeshadow. Fun fact: the singer Lorde loves this MAC product!

+Good for your lips: this lipstick is moisturizing and won’t result in dry or cracked lips
+High color payoff with a semi-matte finish
+Long lasting
+Creamy glide-on application
+A great “transition” color if you want to go from wearing nudes or pinks to darker colors

Why We Like It – The moisturizing, creamy properties of this lipstick are fantastic, and we love the semi-matte finish! This shade is perfect for both a glamorous and rocker-chic look: you can be the heroine of your own story!

7. MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick


Just a shade darker from a nude, this beautiful rosy-brown MAC lipstick is perfect for your everyday look! Don’t assume that it’s boring just because it’s brown! This will enhance any skin tone, especially those with blue eyes (as all browns do). Just add some rose or brown eyeshadow. Leave it at a semi-matte finish or add some gloss; this color is sure to turn heads.

+Perfect for an everyday look: natural enough for the office but pops enough to be noticed!
+ Moisturizes your lips and will never leave them dry
+Highly pigmented with a huge color payoff
+The creamy, glide-on application will keep you wanting to reapply all day!
+The perfect “first lipstick” shade for young teens

Why We Like It – It’s great for all skin tones and lets you choose your finish: semi-matte or glossy. What’s not to love? It’s great that MAC has a selection of shades for those who are just entering the world of lipsticks.

8. Mac Matte Lipstick, Velvet Teddy

Mac Matte Lipstick, Velvet Teddy


This is it–this is the lipstick that made MAC famous! Velvet Teddy is a gorgeous shade of brown with a slight rosiness. A little darker than “Amplified,” the color and texture of this lipstick put MAC on the world map of makeup influencers. This is the OG of the best MAC lipsticks; plus, its the best-selling nude MAC lipstick! The perfectly brown shade complements all skin tones and will make you glow!

+You can’t go wrong with this world-famous, MAC-history-making color!
+Perfect for any age, skin, look, and occasion!
+Highly pigmented with a huge color payoff
+The world’s best nude lipstick, MAC pulled out all the stops to deliver this lipstick powerhouse!
+Moisturizes and designed for long wear

Why We Like It – This shade is for everyone! And it’s what made MAC famous–how could we not want to try it? It’s so versatile, not to mention creamy and dreamy!

9. MAC Lipstick Capricious

MAC Lipstick Capricious


If you love nude shades but want just a hint of purple, this is your lipstick! The purple in this lipstick is light enough to keep it in the “nude” category but noticeable enough to give a pop of color and look great on anyone! Step up your everyday, natural look with this beautiful shade. Purple makes any eye color pop!

+Satin finish–this means that it’s shiny on its own, but adding gloss will make this lipstick pop!
+Vividly pigmented with a high color payoff
+Even though it’s shiny, this MAC lipstick will never be sticky or dry out lips
+Perfect for adding a touch of glam to your everyday look
+.64 oz of lipstick!

Why We Like It – This is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your casual looks! We love that even though it has a satin finish, it isn’t sticky or drying. We also love that a nude can be so highly pigmented!

10. MAC Lustre Lipstick, Verve

MAC Lustre Lipstick, Verve


This is a beautiful go-to brown with plum tones, making this color-rich and luxurious. This MAC lipstick transitions well from day to night: there’s enough plum in this brown beauty that it’s bold enough for nighttime and classy enough for daytime! There’s no look that won’t turn heads thanks to this stunner!

+Versatile color that complements any outfit
+Rich pigmentation and winning color payoff
+Moisturizing and doesn’t cake
+Creamy satin finish
+Buildable color–if one swipe doesn’t do it, make it darker!

Why We Like It – The brown-and-purple hue is gorgeous; we really like that it can step up any outfit and easily go from day to night. We also love the ability to build the color!

MAC Lipsticks Buyer’s Guide

Mac cosmetics on display

When purchasing a MAC lipstick, you must ask yourself what the best lipsticks and, more importantly, lipstick shades are for you. MAC understands this, and that’s why they have set out to create the best lipsticks, the very best in quality and shade choice. Remember that MAC celebrates individuality! Your makeup choices–and your lipsticks–are an expression of who you are!

Sure, there are makeup trends, but a trend refers to fashion. There is a definite difference between fashion and style. As Yves Saint Laurent puts it, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Your MAC lipsticks are part of your style. Furthermore, you aren’t just one-dimensional, right? You are complex and have many sides to you. MAC gets this better than any cosmetic brand!

There is a MAC lipstick for every mood, personality, and occasion–even if you want to change all of that up a few times in one day! MAC lipsticks are also designed to take care of you and your lips: all MAC lipsticks moisturize, are non-sticky, and won’t dry out and crack your lips! This is true for all of the best MAC products, but MAC lipsticks have something a little extra special.

makeups and accessories

Feeling adventurous and sassy? There are MAC lipsticks for that–go for a bold or bright color. Feeling bold and confident? They’ve got lipsticks for those moods, too–maybe go with a darker shade. Feeling coy yet seductive? You’ve got it–MAC is sure to have a perfect pink or peachy shade. Best of all, MAC has tons of lipsticks that complement all skin tones! Never be afraid to express who you are, and stay true to your style!


When you’re shopping for the best MAC lipsticks for every facet of you, you can be confident in any lipstick choice you make–remember that MAC is a world-renowned makeup expert! Every product will be of the highest quality, and you’ll have so many color choices that there’s no way that you’ll be able to pick just one! And you shouldn’t have just one; you need lipstick for every mood, occasion, perhaps even every day!

The best MAC lipsticks will bring out your one-of-a-kind personality and your unique style. It should say something about who you are. Once you are confident in your style and are ready to show the world, choosing your best MAC lipsticks will be easy and fun!

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