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10 Best Men’s Razors in 2022

When it comes to shaving, you’ll already know what an up and down experience it can be. While technique and motivation come in time, if you don’t have the right tools for the job, your smooth cut is never going to be the quality you’ll want it to be.

While a workman should never blame their tools, there’s no denying that they play a very important role in the final finish. After all, if you’re an artist, would you create fine brush strokes with a terrible cheap brush? Why do the same on your face?

With all this in mind, today we’re going to explore the best men’s razors available right here, right now. These will help give you everything you need for the best cut, ensuring you look and feel your best.

We’ll even share our complete buying guide, so you’ll know what you’re looking out for exactly when it comes to buying a safety razor, now and forever!

View The Best Men’s Razor Below

1. Gillette Fusion5 Men’s Razor

Gillette Fusion5 Men's Razor


There’s a reason why Gillette has always been associated with ‘the best a man can get,’ and that’s because they dedicate themselves to bringing men around the world the very best shaving experience possible based on science and research from over the decades.

A fantastic showcase of this comes in the form of the Fusion5. This shaver is designed using five streamlined, friction-less blades, meaning there’s no pulling on your facial hair. You’ll barely feel the shave at all. Comfort doesn’t get much better than this. This is even the case if you have ingrown hairs or poor skin.

The Gillette blades are also designed to such a high quality that one blade will last around a month of average use. You also get four blade refills included with each purchase, so that’s five months of use off the bat. What’s more, Gillette refills can be found online or in-store affordably, so you won’t have to worry about running out!

+ Compatible with all Gillette Fusion5 refill packs
+ Made using five friction-less blades for the cleanest, most comfortable cut
+ Each purchase contains four straight razor refill packs
+ Shaving technology based on experience and research

– None! This adjustable safety razor product boasts both a high-performance finish and an affordable price tag

Why We Like It – You’ll find a precision trimmer located on the back of the shaver to get the best shaving finish possible. This feature is ideal for getting those hard-to-reach places and making sure any style you want to try is effortless and fully possible!

2. Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor

Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor


While cheap and cheerful products will only get you so far, investing in your shaving experience is one of the best things a man can do, especially when you want to look and feel your best, boost your confidence, and look the part.

To achieve all this while shaving, you’re going to want the Panasonic Arc4 electric razor. This ultra-sharp electric razor shaver device prides itself on its four 30-degree nanotech blades. It comes with an added arc foil, all designed to help you shave quickly and comfortably. This can be used wet or dry and used on any hair type.

Naturally, the head of this device pivots to whichever position you want it, and the high-powered motor means you can receive up to 13,000 cuts per minute, ensuring every stroke is worthwhile. However you want to shave, and whatever style you want to wear, it’s fully possible with the Panasonic Arc4. It even comes with double edge safety features to ensure you won’t harm yourself accidentally!

+ Made using four ultra-sharp blades for the smoothest shave
+ Can be used for both wet and dry shaves
+ Designed using a blue-backlit LCD screen for all shaver information
+ Comes with a high-performance motor delivering up to 13,000 cuts per minute

– Can be too pricey for some budgets

Why We Like It – The blue high-tech-looking LCD screen is one of the highlight features here with the Panasonic Arc4. It tells you everything, including your shaving time and your device’s battery life. It also reminds you when you need to clean your shaver, and how charged your device is!

3. Dorco Pace 3 Razor Shaving System

Dorco Pace 3 Razor Shaving System


If you don’t want to break the bank, but you still want a high-quality cut, the Dorco Pace 3 double edge safety razor could be everything you’ve been looking for and more. Hailed by customers and critics as being ‘the world’s best three-blade shaver,’ the shave of this device is smooth and guarantees no irritation.

What makes this shaver special is the fact the blades have been positioned optimally to minimize obstructions and to stop debris building up over time. This is then backed by the easy-load construction where you can replace both the blades and the handles easily whenever you need to.

With built-in lubrication strips made using Chamomile, Olive Oil and Allantoin that are renowned for moisturizing skin and smoothing it as you shave, what more could you ask for in a budget-friendly shaver? This is especially good if you have sensitive skin or ingrown hairs!

+ Comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back
+ Each safety razor blade pack comes with ten interchangeable single blade cartridge razor products
+ Each close shave blade is made using self-lubricating strips to smooth and moisturize your skin (perfect for sensitive skin!)

– Availability can be limited

Why We Like It – This safety razor is designed to keep you going for a long time without the need for extra purchases. Each pack comes with ten blades, which will last many months to come.

4. Gillette ProGlide Men’s Razor

Gillette ProGlide Men's Razor


There’s no denying that Gillette is one of the best and most renowned shaving brands out there, and another great example comes in the form of the Gillette ProGlide.

In true Gillette fashion, these facial hair razors are built in such a way that they create no form of irritation and no unwanted pulling with every stroke. This is all thanks to the five no-friction blades and the enhanced lubrication strips that contain more lubricate than any other Gillette blade, including the Fusion5.

Each purchase comes with enough refillable double edge safety razors to keep you going for a month. Since this is one of the most affordable razors out there, it’s a fantastic option if you’re looking for a balance between performance and affordability.

+ Each purchase comes with enough refills to last a month
+ Each blade is made using five frictionless razors for the most comfortable facial hair shave
+ This adjustable safety razor contains patented FlexBall technology for the closest shave possible

– None! This razor line is backed by thousands of positive reviews from customers around the world

Why We Like It – What sets these razors apart from the rest is the patented Gillette FlexBall technology. This technology means the blades move and adjust as per your skin and the contours of it. This means that you’ll get every single hair with this razor. There’s no facial shape these blades won’t work on.

5. VIKINGS BLADE The Emperor Adjustable Safety Razor

VIKINGS BLADE The Emperor Adjustable Safety Razor


With a name like the Emperor, you just know you’re onto a winner. What this product does is offer you a complete razor blade handle that’s incredibly safe to use and turns your shaving experience into a premium one, unparalleled by what any other brand has to offer.

The all-in-one handle feels amazing, and the bronze and wooden combination is sure to stand the test of time. All you need to do is buy compatible razors that suit your personal style of shaving, and you’ll be good to go. These can easily be found online.

The dual-head safety razor design contains plenty of different adjustments that you can subtly tweak however you want, ensuring your shaving cut is exactly how you want it. You look great every time you finish using it. It’s five-star rated from hundreds of customers; you simply can’t go wrong!

+ A prestigious and beautiful aesthetic and design
+ Plenty of safety features that work automatically to ensure you never get cut
+ Comes with a stunning carry case to protect this electric razor
+ Designed to stand the test of time

– Doesn’t come with blades (need to purchase separately)
– Availability of this razor blade can be limited at times

Why We Like It – The prestigious design of these safety razor blade devices are easily the best part, and it’s nothing like the common and generic plastic razors you’ll find in supermarkets and health stores. Instead, they are more suited for someone who loves to work on their appearance. They’re a fantastic idea as a gift to a loved one.

6. All-Purpose Gillette Styler

All-Purpose Gillette Styler


Here’s another entry from Gillette safety razor now, this time focusing on their product line that aims to bring the best of what they have in terms of features and performance, but narrowing it down into an all-purpose razor you can use for styling, general maintenance, and practically anything you want.

This safety razor is completely waterproof, so you can easily shave both in the sink or the shower, and the easy-grip handle has been specially designed to make sure you have full control over your trim. You won’t have to worry about an uncomfortable shave, even if you have ingrown hairs or blemishes on your skin.

Each pack contains one cartridge razor to get you going, and you’ll find a comb of three different lengths. This means you can tackle hair of any length with ease, all still while maximizing how much comfort you have. Shaving has never been easier!

+ Waterproof so they can be used in the shower and sink without problems
+ Razor is compatible with all Fusion5 blade cartridge razors
+ Comes with an easy-grip handle for maximum control on every shave

– Runs using a battery so requires charging

Why We Like It – To make things easy and to retain quality, these razors are 100% compatible with any kind of Fusion5 razor. This means you can enjoy all the benefits these razors bring into your life. You don’t have to worry about buying the wrong ones accidentally!

7. Harry’s Razors

Harry's Razors


Harry’s Razor takes a unique approach to shaving that other brands simply can’t compete with. Where other brands try to give you all the features you could want or need, Harry’s Razor takes a straightforward approach. It masters the basics and gives you a clean experience, and an even cleaner cut.

This German-engineered straight razor comes with five razor blades and easily affordable refill packs that sit on a flexed hinge. This hinge helps you comfortably tackle any contour of your face. A lubricating strip and precision trimming back this; what more could you need when trying to complete the perfect close shave?

With a weighted core and textured grip design, you can quickly tell this razor has been manufactured in Germany. Every aspect of this razor screams quality. What’s more, it’s available in three unique colors so you can choose a straight razor design you’ll love effortlessly!

+ Quality has been backed up with a full guarantee
+ Comes with a flexible head so you can easily shave all those hard to reach places
+ Razor heads are designed with five frictionless blades and lubrication strips for an optimal shaving experience

– Blades might not feel as sharp as other brands, but won’t hurt your skin

Why We Like It – Harry’s Razors are so confident that you’ll love their product and get exactly what you need with your shave that it comes with a full guarantee. If you’re not happy in any way, shape, or form with your straight razor, just contact Harry’s, and they’ll replace for free. Or they’ll give you a full refund, so you’re not out of pocket ever with your shaving experience.

8. Weishi Nostalgic Safety Razor

Weishi Nostalgic Safety Razor


As the title suggests, Weishi allows you to take a trip back in time to when razors where the only way to shave like a real man. Shaving wasn’t so much just something you did now and then but was more a masterful art form that men aspired to take control of.

If this sounds like the kind of experience you’re interested in, look no further than this. This razor has been designed to do all the work for you, meaning you’ll only ever have to apply such a tiny amount of pressure, and you’ll get the cleanest, sharpest cut.

The aesthetic of this razor is also true to its name. It’s more like wielding a paintbrush across the canvas of your face, rather than just simple haircare. If you want to look your best and feel your best, then this is the right tool for the job.

+ Simply beautiful; ideal for yourself or as a gift to a loved one
+ Easy to change the blades with the push of a button
+ Backed by over 3,000+ five -star reviews

– The shaving experience may feel very different from what you’re used to (but amazing once mastered)

Why We Like It – Since this is a double edge safety razor, changing and adjusting your razor blade is effortless, and you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself. Simply follow the easy instructions included with your purchase, and you’ll change your blade safely in seconds.

9. Dorco Pace 6 Pro Razor

Dorco Pace 6 Pro Razor


Sometimes, you don’t need all the fancy features some razors have to offer, and you’ll more likely just want something that can get the job done well without having to spend a fortune. Enter the Pace 6 Pro.

With all the standard features that you’ll want, including a pivoting head, interchangeable razor blades, and a rigid yet sturdy design, this razor has it all. There’s even patented MicroSpan technology that aims to bring the blades closer together for an even more impressive finish.

However, this double edge safety razor is compatible with all Dorco blades, so however you want to shave and whatever results you’re trying to create, all the foundations you’ll need are right here. With added protection from the SmoothShield technology, a shave from this device is far from irritable, making it ideal for men with sensitive skin.

+ Easy to use and comfortable from start to finish, perfect for any kind of skin, including sensitive skin
+ Built with patented technologies, including SmoothShield and MicroSpan
+ Comes with plenty of refillable cartridge razor packages to suit you
+ Has thousands of positive reviews from customers around the world

– Doesn’t feel as sharp as other razor brands in some batches

Why We Like It – So you know you’ll never run out of razor blades, or have to chuck them like disposable razors, Dorco offers a ton of refillable extras designed to suit your needs and budgets. From single razors to refill packs totaling 24 blades, never run out again and never worry about being without a shave for too long!

10. Solimo MotionSphere Razor

Solimo MotionSphere Razor


The last men safety razor blade we’re going to look at today comes in the form of the Solimo five-blade. Of course, the key feature of this device, as the title clearly states, is the MotionSphere technology. No matter what angle or position you want to shave at, the MotionSphere will turn to help you achieve it effortlessly.

However, even with this technology and a frictionless five-blade design, this is still one of the best razors for men around. Each refill only totals around $1.35 per cartridge razor.

With an anti-clog design, hypoallergenic lubricating strip that treats your skin how it deserves, and 16 refill cartridge razor products on your first purchase, there’s no denying this kit is one of the best.

+ Each purchase comes with 16 refills, totaling $1.35 each
+ Comes with MotionSphere pivoting head technology to fit any contour on your face when shaving
+ Offers an anti-clog feature for effortless maintenance, unlike any disposable razors

– Doesn’t fit blades of other brands; Solimo only

Why We Like It – While designed with five blades, it’s also worth noting that each razor blade is double-coated. This means the durability and the sharpness of each razor blade is in such a way that it lasts so much longer and aims to give you the most bang for your buck.

Men’s Razor Buyer’s Guide

Now you’ve seen what’s out there, and it’s time to choose the razor that’s best for you. If you didn’t see which razor you liked the most above, or you simply had a hard time choosing, read our guide below to help you understand which features to look for and which razor is best suited to you.

Experience Level

When buying a safety razor, one of the first things you’re going to want to think about is how experienced you are with using one. By this, we mean how competent you are with changing the blades safely and handling them in general.

After all, you don’t want to cut yourself during a close shave, especially if you have sensitive skin!

Many of the best razors are made in such a way where changing the blades is easy. In some cases, you’ll have cartridge razor units with the blades inside where you’ll never actually come into contact with the blades. However, some will still use open blades, so bear this in mind before making your purchase.

Blade Design

Men's beard shaver on white fleecy material, macro, male shave, copy space, pile

The best experience you get right now is a five-blade design where all the blades are positioned close together and provide a clean shave. The five-blade design means there’s very little pull on the hair and on your skin, and you’ll get the closest, most controlled cut possible.

However, the best razors with this blade design will tend to be the most expensive. There are still blades and razors out there that will use three-blade designs or even a sharp single blade. However you like your shave, and how much experience you have using these kinds of razors, will dictate which razor is best for you.

For the best experience, you may also want to think about getting double edge safety blades that can help you have a clean and comfortable shave. These blades with double edge safety razor features are considered, by many, to be the best razors for men.


Young handsome man touching his smooth face after shaving

Of course, if you’re using a shaver, but it’s not comfortable in any way, and it’s pulling at your face, tugging at ingrown hairs, cutting and nicking you, and just being a pain to use, you won’t have spent your money in the right place.

Some of the standard comfort-based features you should be looking at include lubricated strips to moisture your skin while you shave and a textured handle so you can maximize your grip. This is essential if you have sensitive skin, ingrown hairs, or just desire a comfortable close shave. This is even more crucial if you plan to shave without products!

Some other key features may include things like a weighted core that help you get more control over your razor, and of course, don’t forget to use razor and shaving products! If you shave without products, you’ll need to think about how you’re going to moisturize your skin and facial hair, so it’s not uncomfortable.

Ability to Shave from Any Perspective

Young man shaving by electric shaver

As men, our faces are not a flat surface; nobody’s is. With this in mind, it’s important to get a razor that can match the shapes and curves of your face. Otherwise, you’re going to end up with patches of hair everywhere, and you won’t be able to tackle every aspect of your face equally for a good-looking trim.

This is why having a flexible head on your razor is so important, so it can twist, bend, and turn to fit whatever position you’re trying to shave. Some razor products do this better than others, so keep a lookout to make sure your preferred men razor is at least offering some kind of flexibility.

Compatible Cartridges and Refills

The final point you’ll need to consider is how easy your razor is going to be to refill when it comes to blades and cartridges. Firstly, many razors will now come with multiple refill packs (sometimes up to 24 packs per purchase), and this will keep you going for a long time. However, the best razors will tend to be more expensive, especially if they have features like the ones designed to look after sensitive skin, etc.

However, there will come a day when you need to buy more, so consider how easy these are to get a hold of and how affordable they are. Some of the best men razors will be compatible with all brands. However, some razors will be compatible with their own brands, and some will only be compatible with themselves. Always check to see what availability is like for you to ensure you can find the best shaving razor possible!

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