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Ultimate Guide to Bob Haircuts

If you’re looking for a way to change up your hairstyle without choosing a style that requires too much maintenance, a bob-style could fit perfectly into your life. Many people just think one style when they think of the “bob,” but there are actually many different ways to wear this haircut. Some cuts and lengths work better for thick, curly hair, and other cuts and lengths work better for thin, straight hair.

Some things you’ll want to consider when choosing which kind of bob to go for include what shape your face is, how much time you want to spend styling each morning, and whether or not you need your hair to be able to be pulled up into a ponytail for exercise, work, or lounging.

Face Shapes

There are nine different face shapes, and each one is unique, which is why we need to pay attention to the shape of our faces when choosing hairstyles. What works great for one shape may not be flattering at all for another. The shapes include heart-shaped, triangle, inverted triangle, round, square, oval, oblong, rectangular, and diamond.

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If you have a heart-shaped or inverted triangle-shaped face, it’s going to be narrower at your chin and wider at your forehead. With these face shapes, the chin is more emphasized, so most are after a cut that will take some of the focus away from the chin. Bobs, layers, and bangs are great places to start when looking for hairstyles that fit these face shapes.

A round face means that the cheeks and forehead are the same widths, which will cause the cheeks to be more prominent. This face shape works great with bob hairstyles. You can play around with side parts, bangs, and layers, too.

A square face is one that, as you may suspect, is as long as it is wide. It differs from a round face in the fact that it is more angular. Short and medium-length cuts work great for this face shape, especially with wavy hair, bangs, and hairstyles that allow room for more volume towards the top of the head. People with this face shape are encouraged to stay away from hairstyles that straight and long.

Those who are lucky enough to be blessed with an oval face (longer than it is wide) can wear pretty much any hairstyle they want, ranging from short cuts to long waves and everything in between. Therefore, this face shape can absolutely pull off any kind of bob haircut.

If you have a face that is diamond-shaped, this means that your face is its widest at your cheekbones. Your jawline and forehead will be almost the same width. If you have a triangular face, your forehead will be wider than your jawline and your chin. With either of these face shapes, you’ll want to focus on pulling attention towards your cheekbones. Those with diamond-shaped faces can wear almost any hairstyle they want to. If you have a triangular face, a bob works great, along with many other options. Throw in some layers, face-framing, or even bangs.

The Bob

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Where did the “bob” haircut come from? Who was the first to decide to be brave enough to go against the gender norms? When did women decide it was okay to step outside of the box that they had always been put in to please men? It seems as though the style began in the 1890s, when an actress named Polaire cut her hair into a dramatic and wavy bob.

She received so much criticism for going outside of the gender norms that people went as far as to call her the ugliest woman alive. However, she made such a statement, and created such a reaction, that she actually paved the way for today’s most “outrageous” female cuts – from bobs to short cuts. Once someone stood up and did something different, it was easier for others to follow.

While it had peaks and dips in popularity from the 1890s through the 1920s, the cut’s popularity went down in the 1930s. The style didn’t come back until the 1960s when a hairstylist who cut celebrities’ hair brought back the style. By the 1960s, the world of fashion was huge, and the bob was the perfect accessory for any outfit, especially those wanting to make a statement.

The bob came in with clean lines and geometric shapes, fitting in perfectly with the runways. We all know that, when anything is popular in Hollywood, it quickly trickles into the general public. Who doesn’t want to be like people on TV, after all? Even today, in 2022, celebrities and the general public are wearing all kinds of different bobs and lobs. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Types of Bobs and Lobs

There are many ways to wear medium-length hair in a bob style. You can cut it into an asymmetrical bob, which is just what it sounds like – longer on one side than the other. With this cut, most part their hair on the side. It makes the look more dramatic. While this haircut can be worn straight, wavy, or curly, it’s most dramatic when it’s left straight so that the asymmetry is easy to notice. If you’re looking for a sleek, symmetrical bob, you can cut your hair to just below your chin, part it in the middle, and straighten it. You’ll make a statement and look great doing it.

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While a traditional bob is cut more-so at chin-length than shoulder-length, some women may not be ready to take that big of a leap at first, or ever. For those wanting just to dip their toes in, there is the option of a lob. It’s cut in the same style as a bob, just a bit longer. It can either be cut to below, or above, the shoulders. This haircut is a great choice for women who want a shorter style, but still need to be able to pull it up, or create more fun “dos” with it.

If you’re stuck between wanting hair as short as a pixie and keeping it between chin and shoulder-length, you can have the best of both worlds and choose a pixie-bob. The in-between length will give your hair more of an edgy appearance without being too short. If you have wavy hair, this cut works perfectly with waves. It can, of course, be worn straight or curly as well-but waves are this cut’s best friend.

If you’re sick of long hair but not quite ready to cut it off above the shoulders drastically, you can always choose to try a long bob. This style is cut just below the shoulders and works great for all hair types, hair colors, and face shapes. This length looks great as straight, wavy, or curly. If you want some added personality with this cut, mix in some face-framing layers or bangs.

A bob hairstyle that is very popular today is called the A-line bob. With this cut, the hair in the back is slightly shorter than the hair in front. This gives you a clean, edgy look without being too dramatically short in the front. You can have the front any length between your chin and shoulders while keeping the back cut short. This cut can instantly make you look more youthful, and you can style it easily.

If you’re a bold person looking for a bold haircut, you could try a blunt bob. For the most dramatic look, cut the bob to your chin and your bangs straight across. Or, you can cut the bob between your chin and shoulders, pair with blunt bangs, and still have a dramatic appearance. A voluminous bob cut can also make quite the statement. If you have naturally curly hair, this would be a great option for you; otherwise, you can use a curling tool to achieve the volume you’re after.

If you don’t want to put too much work into making your bob haircut lay perfectly all day, every day, you may be interested in the shag bob. Wear it with or without bangs – you’ll look shaggy and relaxed either way. This style includes many choppy layers to give the cut body, sass, and a rock-n-roll vibe.

No matter your personality, hair type, hair color, face shape, lifestyle, or budget, you can surely find a bob hairstyle that fits you perfectly. If you need to be able to throw it into a ponytail, opt for the longer cuts. If you need to make a statement, go for a blunt cut, bangs, layers, or volume. If you want minimum maintenance, add layers for automatic volume and texture. The bob hairstyle has been around for 130+ years, and for a good reason. Celebrities love the cut due to how quick and easy it is to style, and how easily they can make a statement with it.

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