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Hairstyles That Make the Most of Thin Hair

You’ve applied products, you’ve blown-dry upside down, and you’ve added volume with a curling iron. And then you step outside, and in thirty seconds, the humidity, wind, or maybe just the hand of fate deals a deadly blow to all your hard work. If you’re tired of fighting flat, fine, or even thinning hair, you’ve got an ally: your hairstylist.

It may just be that a good haircut – one specifically developed for your hair type – can get you out the door faster and give you longer-lasting volume. We checked in with the experts to find the optimal hairstyles for fine and thin hair and came up with a list of on-trend, classic, and versatile looks for your finicky locks.

Going long? Be blunt

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You probably already know that your thin hair looks even thinner when it’s long. That’s partly because some of the ends have broken off, leaving you with less on the fringes. One way to solve this is with a good blunt cut. The more your stylist takes off, the healthier your ends will appear. But if you’re determined to keep all the length you can, at least try a trim that takes off a half-inch. This will immediately make your hair look a little thicker and give the ends a bounce.

And if you’re in the salon chair because you’re searching for a new style that’ll rejuvenate your medium or long hair, opt for a lob – a long bob. This universally flattering cut can be styled in several ways and helps thin hair look great, whether you go for a blunt-cut or something very softly layered. Opt for a shallow side part, or go deep for dramatic volume that frames your face. (If you do a deep side part, tuck the other side behind the ear; that’ll camouflage the lack of body.) A blunt-cut lob can also be angled, with longer hair in front. This will make the most of your length without sacrificing the body or volume.

If your long, thin hair is curly, consider getting a few soft layers cut in; this will create tendrils that showcase your curl pattern and eliminate a squared-off look at the ends. But be judicious – too many layers can make thin hair look sparse.

Methods for medium-length

A bob, which can fall just below or above your shoulders (or right in between), is another good choice for thin hair. Remember, the shorter you go, the thicker your locks will appear.

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We especially like a chin-length asymmetrical bob; combined with a deep part, this cut sweeps your hair forward, giving you more thickness in front (the length is important here; the sides and back need to come in above your shoulders will allow your hair to move toward the front).

A choppy bob is another good option for your thin hair. You can go just below the jawline for the fullest results. This style will also flatter in a longer length. The rough-cut ends add dimension, which you can play up by using texturizing products. For extra height on top, try switching your part to the other side; your hair will fight it, and the result will be a lovely lift.

Longer bobs, especially ones with some length in the back, can benefit from hot rollers; you may find yourself working to tame those tresses, rather than tease them. You can also blow dry your bob (or lob) upside down and let it cool while you hang your head over for maximum volume.

When it comes to thin hair, bobs work with or without bangs, but you may want to utilize them to hide a receding or thin hairline. A fringe of wispy or textured bangs, either worn down over your forehead or swept softly to the side, will do wonders to make your hair look thicker. If you’re a light blonde, though, you may want to consider putting in some lowlights to add dimension before you say yes to bangs; the darker color may create the illusion of thicker hair around your forehead.

The case for close-cropped

Short bob haircut

The absolute best way to create a dense thatch of hair from fine, thin locks is to go short. Your newest growth is the healthiest: why not show it off? A super-short bob will do the trick, but if you’re in the mood for a serious change, consider a pixie or one of its spin-offs. You’ll be surprised at how your thin hair gets an instant lift. We love a pixie wedge with long or choppy bangs; it lifts the hair at your crown and gives you a little length around the face to work with. It can be dressed up or down, and best of all, it’ll hold volume better than almost any other haircut on this list.

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