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The Easiest Hairstyles for Long Hair in 2022

Most people would think those with long hair have the most diverse choices of hairstyles to fit any occasion. While that may be true, many of us struggle to come up with unique and trendsetting ideas that stray far from the plain fishbone braid, buns, and ponytails.

Fashionable & Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

We’re going to give you some suggestions that will allow you to take conventional designs and put a modern spin on it. If you are tired of simply curling out your long locks, then follow our tips below! Sometimes the addition of something simple can offer a whole new layer to a daily look.

Double Bun

Portrait of nice adorable attractive winsome lovely sweet cheerful cheery positive content girl showing two double thumb-up isolated over pink pastel background

The top knot was all the rage and even still is now. You can have a tightly wound ball sitting high or low on your head or have a loosely tousled bun to go for that carefree “I just got out of bed” look.

Why not double up on the fun with two of those knots or buns? This will bring an element of cuteness to your look, and you can have twice the amount of fun! You can even think about adding small embellishments such as sliding rhinestone clips or decorative hairpins into each bun.

The Half Bun

Profile side view portrait of nice stylish adorable attractive magnificent pretty cheerful glad positive optimistic red-haired girl with bun, isolated on bright vivid blue background

This hairstyle is a great compromise for those who can’t decide if it’s a hair up or hair down day. Why not meet in the middle and get the best of both worlds? Take all the knowledge you have (maybe from our first suggestion) and create the perfect bun, but only use half the amount of hair.

The half up half down hairstyle was a bit bigger in the 90s, but it’s sure making a comeback. It’s a rocking hairstyle that many celebrities are sporting nowadays. It can dress down a flashy outfit or glam up a casual ensemble.

Beach Waves

Woman face Portrait on the beach. Happy beautiful curly-haired g

No, beach waves are not the same as the neat curls you get with your curling iron. Beach waves give that carefree, free-spirited look. It’s unbeatable! They look effortless but can go with any outfit, classy or not.

They volumize your hair, which works wonders for those with thinner locks that need more body. A great way to achieve beachy waves is to braid your damp hair before bed. The next morning you will be left with loose unkempt waves, so you can actually use the hashtag, #iwokeuplikethis.

Sleek and Straight

Beautiful Brunette Girl. Healthy Long Hair

For those with naturally straight locks, you may think that this is already your natural hairstyle. Except, the sleek and straight look we mean is one where you take a straightener to your already vertical locks and make them even sleeker.

Adding the right product after straightening can also give you that added shine. We want the locks to mat as closely as possible to your scalp to create that sleek look. Tuck the front carefully behind your ears for an elegant look.

Fishtail Braid/Braids (Fishbone Braid)

Fishtail braid hairstyle

You can have one big one or many little ones strewn throughout. They are an elevated braid that actually isn’t much harder to do. They can start from your hairline or the base of your neck.

You can decorate them by weaving a strand of lace or silk through it for that added effect. You can even create ponytails or pigtails with a fishbone braid clung tightly to your scalp, eventually giving way to long and voluminous strands that make up the pony.

Double Pony

Treatment hair breakage. Amazing beauty remedies for split hair. Get rid of split ends. Girl cute child with long hair double ponytails hairstyle. Split ends treatment. How to prevent split ends.

There is no argument that a high pony exudes elegance and class. However, the ones we see that grace the covers of magazines and take up entire centerfolds are never wispy and thin. They are always long and flowing. You almost never know where it ends! If you envy these ladies, you can now enjoy a thick ponytail, too.

A good trick to achieve a full-bodied pony is with two ponytails. Once done, it can also add length to a shorter pony. If you look closely, it’s just one ponytail hidden under the other.

Headband/Scarf Braid and Bow

Indoor photo of young lovely happy woman with long blonde hair showing her pleasant emotions while posing over white background, keeping her hands along body

Sometimes it’s not a question of what you do with your hair and more of what you add to your hairstyle. We have suggested merging lace or silk ribbons into your braid or bun, but you can also think about taking a large scarf or headband or even bandana to complete your look.

Using a scarf to tie a bow and secure your ponytail will definitely give you a different style than if you just settle for a regular hair tie.

For those who are suffering from outgrown roots and greasy hair, tying a headscarf can bring a whole new element to your look and hide those ghastly roots and greasy strands.


Some women suffer from not being able to grow their hair to flowing lengths due to damage. Taking care of your hair is important, especially if you want healthy and shiny locks. A perm, dye job, and trim can give you a different look, but the former two can damage your hair over time.

A great way to get a fresh take and giving yourself a makeover is with a different style. The way you put up or style your hair matters, and we believe the diverse recommendations we have above will not only give you that new look you want but also inspire you to come up with even more hairstyles to try!

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