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How To Get Glossier Hair

If you’re tired of lifeless, dull hair, and want to see a glossier shine in the mirror, then you’ve come to the right place. There are some sure-fire techniques that you can use to get your hair shining in no time at all. Follow this guide, and soon you’ll be receiving compliments on your healthy, full-bodied hair as it glistens in the light!

Tip One: Pick the Right Shampoo and Use It Sparingly

Focus on hands picking shampoo

The first step to getting glossy hair is to choose the right shampoo for your hair type. Many shampoos on the market will actually strip essential and natural oils from your hair, doing far more harm than good. A clarifying shampoo is the best place to start. It might seem counter-intuitive, but less is better when it comes to shampoo. So, stop using all those expensive shampoos and go onto a new regime with a clarifying shampoo. You also don’t use it daily but instead only wash your hair with shampoo two or three times a week.

Tip Two: Use a Lightweight Conditioner

Woman applying conditioner after the shower

Just like shampoo, you want your conditioner to be as natural as possible without too many harmful chemicals. Your conditioner is what will fill your hair with moisture, contributing to that shiny, glossy look that you’re after. Unlike shampoo, you want to condition your hair daily, so you should choose a conditioner that is designed for daily use.

The best conditioners for glossy hair will include oils that are packed full of nutrients, such as avocado or olive oil. Organic and cruelty-free conditioners aren’t just kind to your hair, but they’re also kind to the environment. Even if it costs a little more than you’re used to paying, it’s well worth it, and the results will be evident. You’ll be more than happy with your investment!

Tip Three: Introduce Hair Oil into Your Hair Regime

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For the same reasons that you want a nutrient-rich conditioner, hair oil can also help to give your hair more moisture, contributing to a glistening look. Hair oil will also help to repair damage to your hair. Making sure to use a lightweight hair oil will ensure that your hair doesn’t become heavy or greasy. Whatever you put on your hair, whether it’s shampoo, conditioner, or hair oil, then the key thing to remember is that less is more. If you spray more than a small amount on your hair, then you will only make it greasy. It’s a common mistake that people make. Desperation for glossier hair leads to overuse of products, and you end up with greasy hair.

Tip Four: Wash with Cold Water Not Hot Water

shower head in bathroom with water drops flowing

A cold shower may not sound appealing, but your hair thinks otherwise. Hot water dries out your hair, but washing your hair with cold water will give it a shine. That’s because hot water opens your pores and cuticles, whereas cold water keeps them sealed. This also gives you more benefits than simply making your hair shiny, but it will also make it softer, and hair experts believe that it keeps color in your hair, too.

Tip Five: Let Your Hair Dry Naturally or Use a Low-Heat Blow-dryer Setting

Happy young woman blow drying hair in bathroom

For the same reason that hot water causes your hair to dry out, so does the heat from your blow-dryer. The best thing for your hair is to avoid using it completely and to let your hair dry naturally. Of course, this isn’t always possible, especially if you’ve got to get to work or school in the morning. If circumstances don’t allow you to let your hair dry naturally, then dab your hair with a towel to remove some moisture, and use a cool setting on your blow-dryer.

Tip Six: Eat Right and Exercise

Woman eating salad. Portrait of beautiful smiling and happy mixed Asian Caucasian woman enjoying a healthy salad and cherry tomatoes snack.

Shiny hair is a symbol of good health. You can’t expect to eat poor-quality foods, drink alcohol, smoke, live a sedentary lifestyle, and have glistening, gorgeous hair. If you eat right and exercise, as well as keep yourself hydrated via drinking lots of water, then your body will be in tip-top shape, meaning that your hair will glisten, and you’ll have healthier-looking skin, too.

Tip Seven: Throw Away Your Old Hairbrush

Cropped shot of brunette woman holding hairbrush

You need to have the right hairbrush for shiny hair. You also need to choose a brush that’s suited to your hair. Longer hair requires a bigger brush. Round tends to be a better shape, too, as it helps to provide more tension to your hair. The bristles are key to a good brush as well. Plastic is a serious no-no. Finding a brush with natural fibers is essential, as it will help to spread the oils in your hair more naturally, too. Many top hair experts recommend boar bristles.

Tip Eight: Get a Humidifier If You Live Somewhere Cold

Woman sitting at the table on the background of humidifier

During the wintertime, when the temperature has dropped, and the air becomes crisper, this draws moisture out the air. Shiny hair needs that moisture; without it, your hair will become dry and frizzy. A humidifier will help to pump that moisture into the air. We recommend that you put it on before you go to sleep. That way, your hair will be able to soak up the moisture for a prolonged period.


Follow these tips for the best way to get glossier hair. Less is more – that’s always the key to getting shiny hair. Cut down on the products that you use. Stop drying your hair out through hot water and a hot setting on your hair-dryer. And choose the right natural products to give your hair a healthy gloss. On top of all this, you need to ensure that you look after your body, as dry, lifeless hair can be a symptom of a poor diet. Exercise and eating right won’t just add moisture, but it will make your hair glow too.

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