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How to Make Bath Bombs

Taking a long and relaxing bath after a tough day is one of the most euphoric activities you can do to release stress. However, with the price of bath bombs, bath salts, and other aromatic bath buddies (especially from luxury brands), that bath you enjoy may come at a cost.

Fear not; you can now start to make your very own customize bath bombs right at home. The best part is you can choose the color, the scent, and even the shape!

How to Make Bath Bombs Step-by-Step

Woman holding color bath bomb over foam, top view

Before you start mixing and churning like a mad scientist in your lab, you need to acquire all of the ingredients first. Don’t worry, none of the ingredients are that difficult to get your hands on. It might even give you second thoughts on spending certain amounts in a body care store in the future.

  • Baking soda
  • Epsom salt
  • Citric acid
  • Cornstarch
  • Water
  • Food coloring (or another coloring pigment)
  • Essential oils of your choosing
  • Almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil or baby oil
  • Bath bomb mold (any other shaped mold that may work)
  • (optional) Extra decorations such as dried flowers, non-toxic sparkles, etc.

Now that you have everything, let’s get started!

  1. Start by mixing all the dry ingredients in a bowl. You can use a whisk to make sure everything blends evenly. If you have dry coloring pigment or other dry additives, such as the flowers, you should mix it into the blend as well.

Preparation of bath bombs. Ingredients and floral decor on a woo

2. In a different receptacle, mix all the liquid ingredients. Make sure you mix it well!

Preparation of bath bombs. Ingredients and floral decor on a woo

3. The next step is to combine the ingredients in both bowls into one. We suggest doing it slowly to reduce the fizz that’ll be generated from the citric acid coming into contact with water. To make sure everything is mixed well together, it’s best to use your hands.

Preparation of bath bombs. Ingredients and floral decor on a woo

4. If and when everything is well mixed, you should be left with a mixture that has a crumbly texture.

Preparation of bath bombs. Ingredients and floral decor on a woo

5. You are now ready to mold your bath bombs. Start pilling the crumbly mixture into the molds and make sure you do it tightly. Press with your hands or a utensil to ensure everything is as tightly packed as possible.

6. Let the mold sit for about a minute. Then gently remove the mixture inside by tapping it out. Afterward, leave them on wax paper or a baking sheet to dry for at least 24 hours.

Preparation of bath bombs. Ingredients and floral decor on a woo

There you have it – our very own DIY bath bombs that can rival the options available in stores. You may never want to purchase another one ever again! It’s just that easy.

Bath bombs make great gifts (though we do suggest letting them settle for a day or two before you begin gift wrapping). You can enjoy them in a mini-explosion of color and aroma in your tub!

You can customize the scent with any essential oils you want and the color with your favorite pigments. The shapes can differ depending on the mold. A quick trip down the baking aisle of your local grocery store will present a wide variety of choices.

DIY Bath Bomb FAQs and Tips

Close up aromatherapy spa design with bath bomb and leaves on wooden background. Fresh lemon scented cosmetic.. Still life concept for summer resort dayspa treatment.

How long do they last? – We would suggest enjoying your homemade bath bombs within six months.

How do I store them? – Make sure you store your bath bombs in a cool, dry place with little moisture. Placing them in sealed glass jars is a good idea.

Do a little bit of research into the effect of certain scents on the human psyche. Lavender is great for relaxation and sleep, pine is a stress buster, and citrus scents (grapefruit and orange, etc.) can really give you that midday pick-me-up.

There are also calming scents such as vanilla, which can also put you in a better mood. Jasmine can also put a smile on your face. Peppermint is known to focus your mind, and sweet smells, like pumpkin, can be very alluring.


Are you struggling with your next gift idea or party favor? Home DIY bath bombs are an excellent alternative. They go that extra mile, and since they’re homemade, they’re also more thoughtful.

You can customize the shape, size, scent, and color for yourself and the recipients of these amazing gifts. Nothing beats enjoying the fruits of your labor at the end of a hard day or receiving grateful compliments from friends and family.

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