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Makeup Brush VS Makeup Sponge


We all use specific tools for specific jobs, but what’s the best tool to use when it comes to applying foundation? Do we use the savvy sponge, a product that has boomed in popularity in the last few years and is said to create an airbrush effect? Or, do we use the age-old trusty supersoft makeup brush that never lets us down? That’s the million-dollar question.

Before making a choice, you need to consider several things; what look you’re after, what product you’re using, the skin type you are using it on, and your personal preference.

About Makeup Brushes

woman applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation on the face

The makeup brush comes in many shapes and sizes; it features bristles made from different materials, and it’s been around since makeup was invented. The trusty makeup brush can last a lot longer than a makeup sponge. It’s easy to clean, and it can be sanitized more effectively to prolong its life. The brush, unlike the sponge, does not necessarily need to be damped down.

It soaks up a minimal amount of product; therefore, you can use it for liquid foundations, creams, serums concealers, and powders. The best quality brush won’t shed its bristles – the last thing you want is multicolored hairs covering your face from your favorite unicorn brush, just before a night out.

If it’s full coverage you’re after, then the brush may not be for you. Although, you could find an alternative brush with denser bristles that may be of use. Now in 2022, a lot of brush manufacturers have had to ditch the real-hair brushes for more suitable vegan-friendly and cruelty-free synthetic alternatives.

Our foamy friend, on the other hand, is said to create a more flawless finish as it can blend liquid foundations seamlessly.

About Makeup Sponges

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Like the brush, the makeup sponge comes in different shapes and sizes and can vary in material depending on the brand. Unlike its age-old opponent, the sponge needs to be replaced every three to six months or so. As it’s made from an absorbent material, the sponge tends to hold onto liquid products, which makes it less cost-effective and harder to sanitize. You can use the sponge to give full coverage. It’s mainly used for liquids, creams, and serums rather than powders.

However, many YouTubers use a makeup sponge to ‘set’ their powder, or ‘bake,’ as its better usually referred to as. There’s more technique involved in using a sponge, as you’ll need to get the damp-to-dry ratio correct, and you’ll have to practice ‘bouncing’ over the skin rather than dragging. This is so you don’t wipe off all your hard work. While the makeup sponge can work out a little more pricey, it’s very versatile and a great essential in today’s makeup bag.


Overall there are many pros and cons to using either the brush or the sponge. The brush can be used to create a natural, light coverage but can leave streaks in your foundation, while the sponge can be used for full coverage but will not last as long as the brush. It’ll also soak up our favorite products. When choosing the essential applicator, you need to consider the desired final look, the ease, and comfort of use, which one you like to use the best. Above all, if you look and feel amazing, then you have made the right decision.

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