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Intriguing Benefits of Microneedling (Full Guide)

It’s safe to say that a lot of women out there are willing to pay high prices and go through the pain known as the cost of beauty. A lot of us are gung-ho about trying the latest and “greatest” procedures to address our perceived imperfections. One of which is microneedling.

As the prices of procedures gradually climb higher as your needs for them become greater, don’t you wish there was a procedure that worked and lasted? Microneedling is one that can help with wrinkles, scars, and more. Let’s find out more about this miraculous solution to skin problems and fine lines.

What is Microneedling?

Beautiful woman in beauty salon during mesotherapy procedure. Face microneedling treatment with a meso roller.

A nagging question in your mind might be: what is microneedling? It’s a hyped-up procedure that targets facial scars, wrinkles, and fine lines, as well as enlarged pores. It’s a slightly invasive procedure as it uses small needles to penetrate the skin.

It’s also known as collagen induction therapy and requires minimal to no healing time afterward. Microneedling is effective against acne scars and other skin marks on the skin, such as sunspots.

It’s also often used in tandem or as the last step of a larger procedure, such as cosmetic surgery for anti-aging effects.

Is Microneedling Safe?

It sounds a bit scary to have multiple little needles penetrating your skin, so it’s a fair question to wonder whether microneedling is safe or not. The no-downtime fact might be intriguing for some and diminish the fear factor greatly. For people in good overall health, microneedling is deemed to be safe.

If you’re on certain medications (consult your doctor) or if you are pregnant or nursing, then you are advised not to go through with the process. Although there isn’t any downtime or much healing required, you will experience redness, tenderness, and some mild irritation afterward.

What are the Benefits of Microneedling?

We covered some basics such as the problem areas it targets, but are there any further benefits to microneedling?

Making dry needlying procedure on woman's face in the cosmetology office

As you remember, we mentioned that microneedling can target enlarged pores, which is nightmarish to a lot of women. A lot of women also know that large pores can’t always be covered by layers of foundation, which is what makes this benefit inviting.

Microneedling can also enhance the overall look and texture of your skin. It does this by shrinking the pores and stimulates collagen production for more bounce and elasticity. This, in turn, also minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

If you suffer from uneven skin and scars that mar your complexion, microneedling can also reduce the visibility of these imperfections. As we age, we lose the elasticity in our skin, and natural collagen production also slows down. One big benefit of microneedling is skin rejuvenation.

It aids your skin and manages to fight many aging effects, such as sagging skin, sun spots, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections. Microneedling is quite effective, but you need to commit to multiple sessions to really see the difference.

How to Prepare for Microneedling

Consult your doctor about how to prepare for the procedure. Are there certain medications you need to stop taking or serums and creams you need to stop applying? His or her guidance could help minimize the undesirable side effects of microneedling.

What to Expect During a Microneedling Procedure

Attractive young cosmetologist holding a mesoroller in her hands. Close up portrait of dermatologist with her equipment. Specialist going to do a mesotherapy in the clinic.

So you’re convinced about the efficacy of the procedure. Firmer skin and a more even complexion sound very appealing. But what does the procedure actually entail?

First, you will see your doctor extract a tool that resembles a pen, only with small needs on the other end. You will be administered with topical anesthesia, which numbs your skin while your doctor moves the pinpricking needles back and forth across your skin.

The process of microneedling only takes around half an hour, but you are required to go in ahead of your appointment for the anesthesia. This will be applied an hour beforehand.

Patients have claimed that the procedure isn’t painful, but it isn’t enjoyable either and, instead, bothersome. That said, it’s over in less than 30 minutes. Certain areas of the face with thinner skin might be more sensitive than other areas (such as the forehead and jawline), but most of the procedure is tolerable.

Most clinics will follow-up the microneedling with a calming balm or serum to reduce inflamed skin. You may be waiting for the pain to hit you all at once when the numbing cream wears off, but you’ll be surprised by the non-existent effects after.

Some redness and minor bleeding (just little spots) may present themselves, but after just a couple of hours, your skin is open for business again. You won’t be required to lay off makeup the next day either, as most people have completely healed by the day after.

Are There Any Side Effects of Microneedling?

Just like with any other procedure, invasive or not, you may be wondering if there are any risks attached. The question is just the severity of the drawbacks.

Thankfully, microneedling is only minimally invasive, which in turn presents lesser side effects and risks. The most common and prominent ones include redness, minor bleeding, and tenderness.

If you experience any of the more serious side effects such as bruising, peeling, infection, or severe bleeding, then you should make sure to call your doctor right away.

Since microneedling is injuring your skin, those with more sensitive skin may take a bit longer to heal and can experience extra sensitivity and even minor itchiness, which is common in healing skin.

Doctors will advise you against going through with the procedure if you are pregnant, scar easily, or suffer from skin issues such as eczema, have open wounds, or have had some other form of skin therapy in the period leading up to your procedure.

What Happens After?

Close up portrait of tender cute gorgeous touching cheeks with delight about smooth skin her she girl wearing pale pink bra isolated on rose background

What differences are you likely to expect afterward? You will notice some radiance and a glow that seems to exude from your rejuvenated and refreshed skin. Be sure to take some before and after selfies to compare.

Your skin will feel comparably softer, and your pores will have shrunk. Remember to hydrate your skin after going through such a sensitive procedure, and although it’s not necessary, try to give your skin and pores a break from makeup the next day.

You will also notice your skin is quite bouncier as some elasticity will be restored. Basically, you will achieve that long-awaited complexion you have been wanting to obtain with all the skin serums and lotions you’ve been religiously applying for years.


As said, your skin will be much more sensitive than before, and you need to engage in certain protective measures. Think about hydrating more regularly and prevent sun damage by generously applying sunscreen.

You do need to partake in several sessions to maintain the results of microneedling, and what that will look like depends on your personal goals and your doctor’s best course of action.

Microneedling VS Botox

While they both target similar issues, such as wrinkles and fine lines, botox does not address surface issues such as pores and uneven skin. Botox is also used to prevent fine lines (most often crows feet and frown lines), and restricts muscle movement. It’s longer-lasting than microneedling, but both require repeated sessions.

Microneedling targets more issues and stimulates your skin and enhances your appearance in a more natural way. Your skin will be triggered into producing new cells, giving your complexion a true overhaul.

Depending on what you’re looking to correct, you can choose which procedure is more suited to your needs. Perhaps you can even undergo both as they are both relatively safe procedures, and when used together, they can target different areas, giving you your desired result.


Since it adopts a more natural approach, microneedling has been revered by people who have tried it. It yields almost immediate results, which satisfies most people’s need for instant gratification, and you can see where your money went. It also offers major improvements over time compared to those who have never had it done.

It’s even possible to do it right from the comfort of your own home with the right device and your doctor’s blessing, of course. The price of microneedling is also much more affordable than more invasive procedures that offer a youthful look.

Although microneedling on its own doesn’t provide permanent results, it’s a much more preferred option, since it takes a more natural approach.

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