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Secret Styling Tips for Women with Fine Hair

As women with fine hair, we know how tough it is to get the gloriously luscious and thick locks that are all the rage. To get the tumbling curls and voluminous silhouette of a lot of ladies with thick hair is almost unattainable. Getting hair extensions and pieces can be expensive and also damaging to our already weaker strands.

However, that isn’t to say that just because you are naturally born with finer tresses, that you need to feel down on yourself. Fine hair offers a variety of benefits, such as shorter drying times, and it’s also a lot less difficult to deal with in hotter weather.

If you still aren’t convinced, we came up with a few tips and tricks to help you style your finer hair for that more voluminous look.

Volumizing Shampoo and Hair Cream

Woman applying hair cream

There are many well-known brands out there now offering volumizing shampoo that will give you thicker locks when dry. If that isn’t enough, there are many hair products (creams and sprays) that are heat activated and can volumize your tresses for the day.

However, one thing to be aware of is that these options do have moisturizing ingredients, which can be the downfall for women with finer hair. Once our scalp produces more oils, it can lead to even flatter hair.

Condition Your Hair, but Not All of It

Woman applying hair conditioner

With limper and lifeless hair, you may have gone for a lighter color or a perm to help combat the problem. You know just as well as I do that this can be very damaging to your locks. Therefore, conditioner is not only inevitable – it is essential.

We mentioned before that over conditioning can cause your scalp to produce oils that will make for even limper hairstyles. While conditioning is important, you shouldn’t do it to all of your hair.

Leave your roots and scalp free of conditioning, and you will find that most of your hair can still be silky smooth while your roots still hold the volume.

Opt for Clear Shampoo

Liquid dispensing on hand

Those with finer locks know that good conditioning will leave your hair limper than ever. So, while we definitely need conditioner to ensure your locks’ health, we can forgo the creamier and more nourishing shampoo types.

These types of shampoo often come in creamy and silky textures. Try to go for clear and transparent shampoos that can rid your scalp and hair of residue buildup.

Blow-Dry for Product Activation

Woman blowing dry hair

A lot of the products that help volumize your hair are heat-activated, which means they have a better effect if you blow-dry your locks. Otherwise, we find that air-drying your hair without any products or going in the sun can also increase volume.

Blow-Dry Upside Down

Woman blow drying hair

Another great way to give your locks more body is to dry your hair upside down. Flip your hair over, so you’re looking at your feet and dry your hair that way. Once you flip it right side up again, you will find that your hair has much more bounce than before.

To keep this award-winning look, you may want to add product to prolong the effect—use a little bit of mousse or spray to lock in the body for a few more hours.

Dry Shampoo

Woman applying dry shampoo on her hair

For second-day hair, which can be even more limp and lifeless than after a shower, you can try dry shampoo. Not only does it get rid of oils that cling to your hair and make it limp, but it also acts as a volumizing mousse and gives your hair a dryer and more full-bodied look.

Brush it Out

Woman brushing hair

The right thick-bristled round brush can do a good number on your roots. When you’ve blow-dried your hair to about 60-70%, run the bristle brush through your roots and blow them out for even more volume and body.

Get a Salon Treatment

Hairstyling at hair salon

There are a lot of treatments that can combat limp hair. One of which is a volumizing treatment, which could last for weeks. Sure, it costs some money, but knowing that if all else fails, you can always pay a professional will give you some peace of mind.

Getting a perm for beautiful curls is also a way to add volume for those with limp, straight and lifeless hair.

Crimping and Teasing Your Hair

Crimped haistyleThe crimp hairstyle (and hair crimper) seems to be ancient – it was popular in the 90s. But if done right, it can add body that lasts all day (and the next day if you don’t wash your hair every day). Don’t crimp the very surface. Instead, separate your hair into sections and crimp a few layers below the surface near the roots. This way, the crimp can be hidden by the top layers, adding more volume to your roots.

This can also be done with a flat comb with fine teeth. The process is called teasing. You lift a section of hair (not the surface layer), run the comb roughly along the roots, and then lay it back down and cover the teasing with the surface layer.

For better effect – and to make it last all day and night – try to finish it off with a few sprays of dry shampoo or lightweight hair spray.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Instant hair extensions

Hair extensions don’t only offer more length, but they also provide more body if you clip them along your scalp. They don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg, but it’s crucial to get the right color to match your locks.


If you have limp and finer hair, don’t be discouraged. There are many styling tips and tricks that can help the situation. Remember that every type of hair has its benefits and drawbacks, so just as long as your locks are healthy and strong, you can adopt the tricks mentioned above for gorgeous styles.

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