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Sugaring for Hair Removal: What is it and How Does it Work?

If you have never heard of sugaring for hair removal, it may be just the thing you’ve been searching for.

Most people have tried a variety of hair removal methods. Shaving is a go-to for many, but the effects don’t last very long. Additionally, you have to deal with things like razor bumps and burn. Maybe you have moved away from shaving and are into waxing. Waxing is effective, but it’s also painful and can cause damage to the skin.

Sugaring removes hair with a sticky gel paste. The best pastes will be made of simple ingredients so that they are safe and natural. There’s no requirement of harsh chemicals to achieve hair removal with sugaring.

You can apply this paste on any part of your body. It won’t stick to the outer layer of your skin, so you don’t need to worry about this method causing damage as waxing does. It has been proven very useful when dealing with ingrown hairs, as well.

Reduce Hair Growth with Consistent Sugaring

Putting hot wax sugaring paste

When you start to research, you will find that many people feel as if sugaring is the best way to remove hair, as it removes the root. When this happens, there won’t be as much blood supply to the hair follicle. As the blood supply is reduced, the follicle will weaken, and your hair will become finer.

Each time you use a sugar scrub and remove the root, the hair will become thinner. Eventually, you may deactivate the follicle and have no hair growth in that spot anymore.

Removing the root will also keep your skin smoother for longer. Each time you do a sugaring treatment, the follicle will shrink, and it will take longer for the hair to regrow. With consistent sugaring, you could be looking at up to six weeks of smooth skin before you notice the hair starting to regrow.

5 Interesting Facts About Sugaring

Liquid sugar for hair removal

Many people have never heard of this type of treatment and are surprised at what they find out once they start looking into it. Let’s look over some of the exciting facts about sugaring that can help encourage you to step out of your hair removal comfort zone!

1. Most People Find Sugaring Less Painful Than Waxing

Many people who have experienced sugaring treatments will tell you it’s less painful than waxing. That’s not saying that there is absolutely no pain associated at all. So many find it to be less painful because it doesn’t stick to your live skin cells. So when removed, it doesn’t cause as much discomfort or irritation. It only sticks to dead skin and the hair you’re trying to remove.

While sugaring may cause you a bit of pain because you’re removing your hair from the root, it’s a pain that you should not have to deal with forever. Because sugaring helps to thin your hair and kill the follicle, eventually, you will not need to continue with it – you will no longer be dealing with hair removal discomfort.

2. Sugaring Results Last a Long Time

When it comes to hair removal, the longer it’s gone, the better. Obviously, shaving doesn’t last very long because you’re merely taking the surface hair off of your skin. Waxing and plucking will last quite a bit longer, but the process is painful. When you participate in sugaring treatments, you can be hair-free for up to six weeks. Most people find that it lasts closer to five-weeks. Remember, though, each time you do it, it will last a bit longer, and hair will be less noticeable.

3. Sugaring is More Affordable Than You Realize

You may find that sugaring is a bit pricier than waxing, but the results will last longer, making it a better bang for your buck. The price of your sugaring treatment will depend on how you decide to do it. If you go to a salon and only want your lip or the tops of your toes done, it may only cost fifteen or twenty dollars. However, if you’re looking to treat both of your legs, you can spend upwards of one-hundred dollars.

You can also purchase sugaring kits to use at home. Many people prefer to do it this way, and it really is quite simple with some practice. Ordering a sugaring kit off may be the most affordable way to take advantage of all the things sugaring offers.

4. Sugaring Does Not Require A Lot of Aftercare

After a sugaring treatment, you will not have much to do. You should wear loose clothing so that your skin can breathe easily afterward. Additionally, it would be best if you avoided situations that involve high heat, like working out, saunas, and Jacuzzis. Your skin is going to be sensitive after the process and might be more susceptible to bacteria.

After a full 24-hours have passed, you’ll want to start exfoliating your skin daily, so you don’t get ingrown hairs. You will not want to exfoliate in the first 24-hours. You will also want to moisturize your skin regularly to decrease inflammation and keep your skin hydrated.

5. There are Not Too Many Risks to Worry About

Sometimes adding a new treatment to your routine can be scary because of unwanted risks. There isn’t a whole lot to worry about with sugaring. You may experience a burning sensation while it’s being applied because the paste is heated up. You will simply need to be careful and test it before putting it on your skin.

There is also a possibility of bruising. If the paste is pulled off incorrectly, you may end up with a bruise. This is unlikely, but there is a possibility of it. There is also a minimal possibility that it will cause folliculitis or ingrown hairs. This typically only occurs if you leave the treatment on too long, and it’s easily avoidable.

If you are using Vitamin C or Retinol on your skin, you should not participate in a sugaring treatment. You should not go forward with sugaring treatments if you take steroids and have open sores, rashes, sunburn, or cold sores. If you’re worried about whether or not sugaring is right for you, it’s best to talk to your dermatologist.

Most Areas on the Body Can Be Sugared

Woman putting depilatory wax on her leg

Let’s face it. Hair grows in some really odd places. Trying to shave or wax those areas can be uncomfortable and awkward. Sugaring can be used on most areas of the body. It’s quite gentle, so it works well for sensitive areas. Basically, if you can wax it, you can sugar it.
Most common sugaring areas:

  • Legs: If you are sugaring your legs, you’re dealing with a reasonably large area. This will make the whole process a bit time consuming, but you will have smooth legs for a longer time. You should expect to spend 45-minutes or more when sugaring your legs.
  • Arms: Sugaring your arms doesn’t take as long as the legs, but it’s still a decent amount of surface area, so you should expect it to take at least half an hour. This timeframe may vary depending on the length of your arm hair and whether or not you shave them.
  • Armpits: Sugaring your underarms is actually a speedy process. If done in a salon, it will likely take less than five minutes. This is a sensitive area, so be prepared for it to hurt a bit more than the arms or legs.
  • Bikini Area: Because of the sensitivity of this area, you will need to allow a bit more time. It can take up to an hour to go through a sugaring treatment for your bikini zone. You will likely feel this a bit more than other areas because of the sensitivity level.

If you are dealing with Eczema or you have other skin ailments, it’s essential to talk to your doctor or dermatologist before participating in sugaring treatments.

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